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7 de agosto de 2022

Easy to use, the support is helpful! It can categorize the website's products automatically. Recommend this app :)

Soft Classic
Reino Unido
7 meses usando o app
29 de agosto de 2022

We used this app to add custom filters to our product category pages. The app is very user friendly and we had great customer service from Julia to help us with customisations.

Diane Hill
Reino Unido
7 meses usando o app
26 de março de 2022

This a very well executed and very customizable app. Works well on the 2.0 templates. The customer service is very responsive! The analytics are great! I'm thrilled with the results!

Maple Airbrush Supplies
6 meses usando o app
2 de novembro de 2022

This is a powerful app and the customer service was great. My previous theme was set up to use tags to filter with an "_" (i.e., size_8x10, size_11x14) and they helped me quickly integrate so I didn't have to revise thousands of items.

Steve Rude Art
Estados Unidos
6 meses usando o app
8 de junho de 2021

Great app and great customer service. Helped us a lot without charging us. Thanks to the whole Mezerion team!

5 meses usando o app
11 de agosto de 2021

This is the best "Filter & Search app" ever!! So far we have used a lot of these kinds app in shopify app store. However, this app is the most powerful and has great functionality such as Personalization(Curation) Analytics and on so. (Also, the price is very reasonable comparing with other apps.)
Moreover, the CS is Fantastic and you don't need to worry about Theme integration if you are even a beginner shopify. Thanks Mezerion Team..

Coreia do Sul
4 meses usando o app
10 de janeiro de 2023

We've tried most Shopify search apps and this is hands down the best app at the best value you will get.

We run a store with about 6000 products and this app is much easier to configure, its indexing and search results display insanely fast and the support is amazing. Mezereon have been super patient with our requirements and have been helping us tweak the search results, the different ways of filtering, as well as the recommendation engines. We're constantly finding new ways to use on this app, it's flexible and the possibilities are endless.

After years of dealing with complains from customers that they are unable to find product on our website, we finally have a search engine that works properly. Highly recommended.

Macfixit Australia
4 meses usando o app
13 de janeiro de 2022

We have tested almost every single "Filter & Search" app that we could possibly test and none have been better than Mezeron. It's the first app we've found that not only meets our needs of filtering by location and true real-time sync so products go live when scheduled with zero delay, but exceeds our expectations with fine details we hadn't even thought of and in-depth analytics. The customer service has been absolutely superb. Andrew and his team worked with us to completely customize the app for our third party theme, answered every question, and resolved every ticket we came up with no matter how small the detail was. And all of this was when we were still on the free trial! We've been using Mezeron for a few months now and we've received dozens upon dozens of customer compliments about how great our new filter is. We can't recommend Mezeron enough! It's absolutely worth the price.

Dixxon Flannel Co.
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando o app
14 de setembro de 2022

Great system, quite difficult to set up and not easy to use. but the results are 100% worth the effort. Will continue to use this app ongoing.

The Sweetie Shoppie
Reino Unido
3 meses usando o app
28 de março de 2022

Great app with an even better team behind it! The devs were extremely responsive and helpful when it came to adapting their app to our website's specific needs. After trying other apps and interacting with their respective dev teams, I can securely say that Mezereon takes the cake.

Estados Unidos
2 meses usando o app