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Microsoft Advertising


Grow sales with Product Ads on the Microsoft Search Network.

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Reach New Shoppers

Expand your reach. The Microsoft Search Network reaches 116 million unique searchers in the US each month.

Easy, Intuitive Set up

Connect your Shopify account with an existing or new Microsoft Advertising account, to streamline the set-up and optimization of campaigns.

Measure Your Success

Easily measure the success of your campaigns with performance reports and make updates on the fly all within the Shopify platform.

Microsoft Advertising 정보

Reach more shoppers with Microsoft Advertising.

Microsoft has developed Microsoft Advertising for Shopify to make it easy for Shopify merchants to reach new audiences by integrating their online store with shopping campaigns that appear across the entire Microsoft Search Network.

What is the Microsoft Search Network?

The Microsoft Search Network reaches nearly fifty million PC searchers you cannot reach on other major search engines. In the US, the Microsoft Search Network reaches over one hundred million unique searchers each month who conduct billions of searches. In addition, the people searching on the Microsoft Search Network spend more online than the average Internet Searcher. With Microsoft Advertising, when you create a campaign you are automatically opted-in to our owned-and-operated sites, and to those of some of our key partners, such as Yahoo and AOL. High quality, brand-safe sites.

How does the Microsoft Advertising on Shopify App work?

The app enables you to quickly and easily connect your Shopify account with your new or existing Microsoft Advertising account to streamline the set-up and optimization of Shopping Campaigns. The app will allow you to set up your Shopping Campaigns and track performance without having to login to the Microsoft Advertising platform. Once your Microsoft Advertising account is set up, use the Microsoft Advertising for Shopify app to manage your account set-up, campaigns and track your success. Easy and streamlined, all in one place.

What does a shopping campaign on Microsoft Advertising cost?

You have flexibility to set your own daily budget, based on seasonality, your own goals, etc. The minimum recommended budget is $10 per day.

Shopping Campaigns Overview:

Visually engaging ad format You can stand out from the crowd and attract attention by sharing images, product ratings, and promotions of the products you’re selling.

More real estate Shopping Campaigns enable you to highlight more than one product on the same search results page and can appear next to your text ads.

Easy setup It’s easy to import your products from Shopify into your Microsoft Advertising account.

Integrates with Microsoft Merchant Center

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You set your daily campaign budget. Ad spend is billed directly through your Microsoft Advertising account.

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Inspired Living by JC Home De'cor

Today I set up my campaign with your rep Janice. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. I had no idea about running a campaign but when Janice was with me, I had enough knowledge to know how to create a new campaign if I had to. Janice has great customer support skills and is very patient. She is a great asset to your company.

The Wrap of God

I intend to use this app to showcase my products for more exposure in order to attract more potential customers to my store. I also intend to use the application to potentially generate more viewing of my products.

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2021년 9월 7일

Thank you for your review. As you get started, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you ever need any assistance or have any questions. Email us at


Very disappointed in this app. When setting up my store, their customer service team gave me the wrong info and I had to make a completely new store. Now they are saying the new one I make may not get approved. Very upset with the misdirection and help from their team. When confronting them to fix it they basically told me they dont know how.... Dont waste your money.

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2021년 9월 7일

We really appreciate this feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you are facing issues when attempting to create a store in the your Microsoft advertising app. We would like to understand the issues you are facing better. Please reach out to us at We are absolutely committed to helping you get set up successfully on Microsoft Advertising.