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25. April 2024

overall very clean app. does exactly what you want it to do. Customer support is awesome

now 2 big things i have a problem with.
1: it doesnt work on mobile, so i cannot watch the replays on my phone which personally for me is a big let-down
2: pricing may be fine for many but for me personally, its a little steep and i simply cannot afford it mainly considering the dozens of other subscriptions etc i am purchasing for various other services.

12 tage mit der App
MIDA (by BSS Commerce) hat geantwortet 3. Mai 2024

Thank you so much for your feedback.

1: We are planning to make our apps be more responsive in the future. At the moment, with the MIDA app, recordings and heatmaps are not working on mobile and we do have a warning for that already. I've double-checked with the team and the update is releasing within this year.

2: Due to the resources that we put and use for the app, our team has to make it balance as such for our pricing plan.

Again, thank you so much for a straight and clear feedback. We will keep you informed regarding our upcoming changes!

14. Januar 2023

I keep getting log out, everytime i click through visitor tab, do you have any insight regarding this matter, as this is quite a great app, but need improvements

2 monate mit der App
MIDA (by BSS Commerce) hat geantwortet 3. Februar 2023

So sorry for the inconvenience that you faced with our app.

The issue has been resolved already. Hope the app is now working fine on your end.

If you might need any further support, don't hesitate to contact us again at and our agents will be right there.

Wish your business all good!