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Edited October 27, 2022

Bad... I want to apply the product to my Shopify store, they should add a new plan, the regular plan costs $24 per month, but when I buy this plan, I still cannot add a product to my essential list, and I am not found where can cancel this payment and plan. After the developer fixed this APP, I am not sure it is easy to use and I am not it can find information we need, but you can try one time

United States
Time spent using app: About 2 hours
MIIUT LTD replied October 17, 2022

When you had the issue it was fixed and since you had cancelled your plan you went back to a free plan. At the moment you’ll need a new plan but there is no issue with our app.

Edited July 14, 2020

I DO NOT TALK ABOUT FUNNYCOOLTEES I TALK ABOUT MY OTHER SHOP ON BIGCRAZYSHOP so the order was made on May 31, 2020 and I even have the tracking number and still received nothing! I HAVE CLOSED MY BIGCRAZYSHOP SHOP BECAUSE TOO LONG DELIVERY TIMES! Delivery time 5 to 15 days? totally wrong, I placed an order in one of my other stores on May 31, 2020, today July 11, 2020 and I have not yet received anything. Too long a delivery that scares customers. I do not recommend this application I give a star just for the products, no guaranteed delivery satisfaction with miiut

kidzy toystore
Time spent using app: About 1 month
MIIUT LTD replied July 11, 2020

We've fixed the problems you were facing, have you tried our app recently?

Edited May 23, 2020

Hi Merchants, I am not sure about this support. As the support are answering like Bots with rigid answers. what is the average duration that takes to ship items to USA has not been asweered properly. It is mentioned 5-15 days as standard but i am sure it will be more than that.

I will still continue with few products i have imported but will be looking forward to delete this aspp as i can clearly make out the person whom i am chatting with is not at all positive

Also, the products look good but the variant names look complicated.. I tried asking the support or bot i am not sure , if they can request with suppliers to check what it means..straight away their answer is do manipulate at our end and they dont contact suppliers it seems.

Overall the app with prdoucts look good even though slightly priced higher.
But the Support either human or bot i am not sure.. it is for them these stars...

----------------------Updated review ----------------------------------------------
I tried my level best to have a fresh start again with your support
1) We as merchants dont know whom we are chatting to ..ifit is same person or different person etc.,
2) I got the same answers after i asked few questions 'bot' responses.
Repeated answer without an elaboration.
3)When i was aksing a question , the person whom i have chatted to has copied this review comments and pasted in my chat and tried to elaborate the review which is not by any means professional standards.
4) your responses are very rigid, no matter how softly have attempted to ask.
5) The person whomi have chattted with whose name i dont know , took it so personally and started to give same responses ..no explanation to it further.

You guys are here to help out merchants in every aspect as we are not sure how the app works, what is the refund policy as none is listed out, what happens if variants have complicated filters ....

I totally understand that the current situation is worse across the world, but that does not imply that you can copy paste reviews into chat ask expanation about it or try to explain that am wrong. I have my perception..try doing better to prove me wrong...

I will still try chat to seek my clarifications professionally as i am using this app.

Time spent using app: 3 months
MIIUT LTD replied May 23, 2020

We've fixed the problems you were facing, have you tried our app recently?