Milestone Motivator

Milestone Motivator

作成: Tako Agency

Set goals for sales, products, & traffic. Stay motivated!

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Stay Motivated

Set achievable milestones that keep you EXCITED about your store!

Build Customer Loyalty

Reward customers who help you reach your goals with fun surprises.

Grow Your Business

Stay on track to achieve the success you're striving for.

Milestone Motivatorの詳細情報

We created the Milestone Motivator app to help merchants get EXCITED about their business, every day. As merchants ourselves, we know it can be tough to stay motivated every. single. day. We all need a little push every now and then! We designed the Milestone Motivator app to help keep ourselves on track, and it worked so well we're sharing it with you, too!

Set goals for sales, products, and traffic.

Choose from a series of pre-set milestones related to overall store sales, specific product sales, and traffic, and customize them to your unique goals.

For example: "I want to have ______ sales from ______ to ______." "I want to have 10 sales from 6/1/2020 to 6/14/2010."

"I want to have ______ [product name] sales every ______ days." "I want to have 5 Bad Daddy Bomber Jacket sales every 30 days."

"I want to have ______ unique site visits in the next ______ months." "I want to have 1,000 unique site visits in the next 3 months."

Reward customers for helping you reach those milestones.

Set up an email to be automatically sent to the customer who helps you cross the finish line of a specific sales or product goal. (We've provided a template to get you started!)

Reward them with a surprise discount, personalized thank you, freebie, or another fun goodie. This is a fantastic opportunity to foster loyalty and brand enthusiasm by expressing your appreciation! Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive an unexpected surprise in their inbox?

"Hey Lindsay! Thanks for shopping with [MERCHANT]. You're receiving this email because, unbeknownst to you, we've been running a little contest here internally--and YOU just helped us reach a major milestone! YEAH! As a token of our appreciation, please use code DISCOUNT30 for 30% off your next purchase. (Who knows, we might even throw in a free gift too--we're THAT excited.) Thank you for your loyalty Lindsay!"

Stay motivated every day!

Track your progress, celebrate the wins, and check out the "Best Practices" tab for tips and tricks from industry experts to help you stay on track.

The Milestone Motivator app is easy to use and it's quick to get started. Download it now!



  • プライバシーポリシー




  • Set up to 3 goals/month
  • Send 2 emails/month



  • Set up to 5 goals/month
  • Send 3 emails/month



  • UNLIMITED goals/month
  • UNLIMITED emails/month



  • UNLIMITED goals/month
  • UNLIMITED emails/month
  • Use with Wholesale channel

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Enticing Trees

Working to build my store and this app is extremely helpful. The tips and tricks really help me wrap my head around what I need to do and focus on day to day. Look forward to setting up some goals and making constant improvements.

The Piaffe Shoppe

Great tool to help us stay on track during the slow-down caused by COVID-19. This is normally our busy season with pop-ups, so setting goals for online visits and sales helps us see where we can make improvements and changes.

Edgecomb Potters

loved the idea.. but two things.

1. Would love to set revenue based goals, not just # of sales
2. Didn't actually track any progress towards goals... broken.



Z from Tako Agency here, creators of the Milestone Motivator app. We’re sorry you haven’t enjoyed your experience with the app so far, but our support team is happy to assist with the second issue you mentioned, as the goal tracker should be working as expected. Please send us an email at and tell us a little more about the issue so we can get this fixed for you! In terms of revenue-based goals, that’s definitely something we’re looking to implement very shortly in the future. Thank you for the feature request!

Will stand by and wait for your email.