Exclusive Discounts

Exclusive Discounts

da VerifyPass

Create offers for Military, Students, Teachers, Seniors & more

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12+ Identity Groups

Includes Military, Responders, Teachers, Medical Workers, Senior Citizens, Students, Non-Profits & more.

Fast, Easy, Secure

Customers verify securely in under 30 seconds, without entering sensitive data.

Built for partner success

Trusted by 1300+ brands including Priceline, Sam’s Club, AMC Theatres & more.

Su Exclusive Discounts

How it works

Customers verify within a popup on your website. Verification usually takes less than 30 seconds. Afterwards, your customer receives a unique, single-use discount code to your store.

  1. Select groups and discount settings (amount & collections).
  2. Create a new page.
  3. Link to your new page from the header or footer.

By combining authoritative data sources with a fast, easy-to-use popup window, customers are able to quickly proceed with your exclusive offers.

Discount Groups

All groups are enabled with a toggle switch.

  • Military Discount: Includes Military, Veterans and Dependents (spouse/child).
  • Responder Discount: Includes Police/Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMT/EMS
  • Medical Discount: Includes Physicians/Doctors, Nurses, NHS and all other healthcare workers
  • Teacher Discount: Includes Pre-K, K-12 and University Professors
  • Student Discount: Includes U.S. & U.K. Students with an eligible e-mail
  • Senior Discount: Includes all Senior Citizens aged 50+
  • Commercial Driver Discount: Includes all drivers with a Commercial Driver's License
  • Non-Profit Discount: Includes all employees of 501(c)(3) business
  • Disadvantaged Discount: Includes all people on SSI/SSDI, EBT/SNAP, or Unemployed

...and more.

Most likely, your business won't enable every group. Instead, focus on your core audience. When in doubt, a "Service Discount" is highly recommended (Military/Responder/Medical/Teacher).


You may use any combination of groups at no extra charge, paying only for positive verifications which add to your monthly usage.

Pricing is based on a tiered system. Typically, 1 verification = 1 order. We'll notify you if your usage surpasses your allowance.

Our full pricing tiers page is here: verifypass.com/verification/pricing

Why do partners choose VerifyPass?

  1. We're the only verification service who doesn't advertise to your customers.
  2. Verification is our only revenue. Partner success is our only priority.
  3. We have the widest breadth of discounts available. Easily support Teachers, Non-Profits, Senior Citizens and other commonly-requested groups.
  4. With 1300+ partners, 54% of your customers are already verified. Customers simply sign in and receive their discount code.


VerifyPass™ provides verification to 1300+ partners ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 corporations. Over the years, we've verified millions of customers, enabling partners to multiply customer loyalty and support their communities.

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  • Up to 250 Verifications/month

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  • Up to 1,000 Verifications/month

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4.9 stelle su 5

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Added this to our store today, and had everything installed within minutes (literally -- very easy!). Had one minor question and reached out to the help team, and had a reply back within about 3 minutes from an extremely knowledgeable and helpful customer service rep (thanks, Rick!). As a servicemember myself with a store catering to the military, I think offering a military discount is important, and having a company that's made that very easy for me to do is awesome. Time will tell how the app does and performs, etc., but for now, I'm a huge fan. Thanks guys.

Hometown Hero CBD

Have worked with VerifyPass for quite some time now and have had 0 issues. They have add on tiers for other divisions if you need them, which is awesome. Customer service is top notch as well, would highly recommend them.

Hometown Hero

App works phenomenally well, have been with them a long time and never had an issue. Customer service is amazing and with the add on tiers it makes them a no brainer. Thank you VerifyPass!