Millimetric Anomaly Detection

Millimetric Anomaly Detection


Real-time ecommerce insights delivered straight to your email

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Eliminate time-consuming analysis and reporting. Uncover the critical insights to improve your online store’s performance with AI.

Get Alerts

Receive notifications for every important metric related to your inventory, sales and customer behaviour with automated anomaly detection

Take Action

Make more sales and provide a better experience with a full understanding of your data and the ability to respond to critical issues faster

关于 Millimetric Anomaly Detection

Millimetric is automated KPI analysis platform alerts users to hidden anomalies and digital performance opportunities across their datasets. Cut back on the hours spent manually analysing your Shopify data and never miss an important metric again with critical insights at your fingertips.

Millimetric’s top features

Real-time anomaly alerts

Get critical Shopify insights delivered straight to your email and Slack, saving you and your team the time, money and resources spent combing through data

Machine learning analysis

Identify anomalies, digital performance opportunities and trends in Shopify analytics as soon as they occur with Millimetric’s ground-breaking AI analysing your data 24/7

Root cause analysis

Drill down into what caused unusual behaviour in your online store with Millimetric’s root cause analysis feature

Integrate all your data sets in less than a minute

Integrate all your datasets, including Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook ads, with no code required

Daily, weekly and historical analysis

Detailed analysis and anomaly reports of daily, weekly and historical insights across your Shopify analytics

Detect time-based and dimension-based anomalies

Compare both time-based and dimension-based anomalies in your data on the same tool


  • Google Analytics,
  • Google Ads,
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Search Console,
  • Criteo



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  • 3 Integrations
  • Daily Insights
  • Weekly Insights
  • Comparative Reports
  • Google Analytics Audit Report
  • Slack Notifications

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