Minifier SEO Image Optimizer

Minifier SEO Image Optimizer


Image compression, alt tag and file name optimization for SEO

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Improved Store Visibility

Generate alt-tags and image titles in conformity with best SEO.

Speeded up Page Loading

Compress images smartly and ensure faster access to the content of your store.

Increased Sales

Fast loading reduces page abandonment rate what entails a sales boost afterwards.

Minifier SEO Image Optimizer 정보

35,5 million images optimized with Minifier!

Install Minifier and before committing to any of the paid plans, you may try out the app by optimizing 60 images for FREE to find out why the industry-leading algorithm we use is trusted by brands like Tesla, Microsoft, Dell, Nvidia, Kaspersky, and other renowned brands.

According to research, 40% of customers abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load what influences your sales crucially.

That’s where Minifier SEO Image Optimizer can help! The app is designed to speed up the page load by compressing your images by up to 70%, without reducing their quality. Additionally, Minifier SEO Image Optimizer boosts Organic Traffic and improves your Search Engine Results by automatic file names and alt tags optimization.

How Minifier Works

Minifier is an image compression (changes the image weight only), alt tag, and file name optimization app. The app does its smart work in several steps:

  • Minifier will count and analyze images on the store. It will ask you to select your optimization preferences.
  • Set your optimization preferences once and leave Minifier to do the rest of the work.
  • Minifier will download the images to our cloud storage and run the optimization algorithm.
  • New images will be optimized once a week and we will send you optimization results as an informative email report.
  • You can roll back the compressed images, generated alt-tags, and file names.

Why choose Minifier

Even the more aggressive Minifier lossy compression, which is aimed at saving up to 70% of space, will preserve view-pleasing image quality.

Should you be concerned about the compression results, revert the changes anytime within the 30 days since the optimization. This is the time during which your original files will be saved on our server.

Key features at a glance

  • Manual image optimization mode (for trial images and pay as you go plan)
  • Automatic image optimization mode
  • Lossy compression (up to 70% image size reduction)
  • Lossless compression (up to 30% image size reduction)
  • Optimization of alt-tags
  • Optimization of file names
  • IPTC information preservation (ICC color profile, date, copyright, geotags, orientation included)
  • PNG to JPG
  • 30-day free backup image storage

Tools for boosted loading:

  • Automated lazy image loading
  • Smart page prefetch

Important to note

No code is installed on your store (except for the tools for boosted loading). Every optimized image belongs to you. Uninstalling the app will not revert the changes you pay for.

To check all the available plans follow the link (See all pricing options) at the right corner of the Pricing field.


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미디어 갤러리


Free trial


  • 60 free images included
  • Manual optimization of images
  • SEO Alt tags & filenames
  • Prefetch and lazy load
  • 30-day backup



연당 1회 $4.99 로 청구

  • Price $0.0100/image
  • 500 optimized images/year
  • SEO Alt tags & filenames
  • Auto-optimization of new images
  • Prefetch and lazy load
  • 30-day backup



연당 1회 $7.99 로 청구

  • Price $0.0080/image
  • 1000 optimized images/year
  • SEO Alt tags & filenames
  • Auto-optimization of new images
  • Prefetch and lazy load
  • 30-day backup



연당 1회 $14.99 로 청구

  • Price $0.0060/image
  • 2500 optimized images/year
  • SEO Alt tags & filename
  • Auto-optimization of new images
  • Prefetch and lazy load
  • 30-day backup

* 모든 비용은 USD로 청구됩니다.

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Alexis Daoud Jewelry

I paid $18.21 for my product photos to be optimized and they're ruined now. Pictures are very blurry, pixeled and discolored, and there is NO reversal. These are hundreds of photos. I have to delete the photos from 80% of my listings and reupload the photos because they are so bad. Time and money wasted.

Tucker & Bloom Bags

Really quite helpful to manage image sizes and load speed. The tagging feature is a nice extra as well.

개발자 회신

2021년 12월 2일

Hello there!

Thank you so much for the appreciation of our app.We're glad to hear that you find Minifier useful for your store.
We're sure that our future cooperation will stay as positive as it is now!

Best regards,
Minifier app team

Off on a Whim

This app is easy to use and affordable, it's one of my favorite photo minimizer apps and I run my pics through it regularly.

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 7일

Thank you for your great feedback.
That's perfect news that you are enjoying our app :)

Please don't hesitate to contact us if any assistance is required.
Have a great week.