Minimum Orders

Minimum Orders

by Dash Technologies

Prevent Small Orders

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10 reviews

Evarasto Com

If you set the minimum value to 10 and add 9 products to the cart and click checkout it works, it won't let you through. If you then update the cart to 8 products in the same sitting it lets you through. When ever you update the cart it will let you through rendering the app worthless.
Use OrderLogic instead.


We sell hardwood flooring and need our customers to make a minimum order for our shipping costs to not go through the roof. This did the trick for us. Simple and easy to setup.

Nailcandi 2

I've been using this app for about 5 months now. Initially we had quite a lot of problems with orders under our minimum amount slipping thru. Support really wasn't great and I was told that I could always uninstall the app if I am not happy. It also does not work with other sales channels so be prepared to still get orders below your minimum thru FB and other third parties. Must just add that the last couple of months app has been running smoothly and I am quite happy with results now.

Lotuswei Wholesale

This app developer made some significant tweaks to add additional functionality to fit our needs. The customer service/development was very fast and we were able to work out all of the kinks. This product is working as intended.

Anise Skincare Trade

I was hesitant to install this app from the negative reviews but I have had a great experience with it! We are using this app on our wholesale website to make sure that our products are purchased in minimum quantities and it suits us perfectly. Support were very quick to answer questions and help out. I would definitely recommend it.

The Bravest Decals

Does not work. Poor design, Poor interface, an unfinished project.

BM Teknik

Installed and it didn't work at all... useless!!

Star Lights

This works for what we need it to do :)

Lilly's Eco Clean

I am experiencing an issue with how the pop-up renders the minimum order message - seems to be writing in some html before the price: <span class='money>'

I was also testing the functionality - and managed to click through even though I was below the minimum order.

Can we get a fix on this please - or Shopify - can you PLEASE implement something similar in your product - this is a deal breaker for us.

Big Guy Little Guy

Also agree that Shopify should have this as a built in feature, but I need it and pay for this app....and it only works "sometimes." I have product specific minimums and this app allows you to set those based on sku numbers, but if for some reason the customer meets the minimum and then changes it before checkout, or clicks too fast, then this app won't catch it! I have had 3 orders slip through this week alone! I previously had a Magento store and this feature was built in and worked perfect every time.
The developer of this app is quick to respond to questions and complaints which is nice, but telling me my customer clicked to fast or changed their cart before checkout is not a solution. I have trouble paying MONTHLY for an app that only works part-time. Maybe a credit for every time a customer gets through? Ha!