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2 novembre 2022

I love this app! It creates beautiful video content and automatically posts them to all my social media accounts. As a small business owner, it allows me to have more time to create my products. I also enjoy creating my own videos to post. And you can’t beat the cost!

Innovated Visions Jewelry
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Minta Auto Post Videos by ReConvert a répondu 11 novembre 2022

Thank you so much! This is exactly why we created Minta and we are so glad you are seeing the value in it and having fun too!

12 juillet 2023

This app is amazing. The fact that I don’t know that much about posting ads is saying a lot. Minta makes it easy for you to post on all of your social media platforms without having the hassle to do it more than once. It’s a time saver. Also, they have a planner that you can schedule your post on a specific date and time. I really need this app. And you save a lot of money on marketing. Try this app you will not be disappointed.
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Modifié le 24 août 2023

Update: 08/24/2023 I was emailed and informed the app has been under construction and new ownership. My complaints were addressed in email form and compensated. I am working with the app again with no issues as of yet. [prev post: This app Could be great if it consistently worked. My subscription began in May. I reported freezing lags starting in June. The app would crash after 5 mins. I began getting errors it would not connect to platforms. Customer service was friendly and offered credits that I never received for the month the app hadn't worked. In July the app began posting video with products that were not mine. Tag lines with profanity. When I reported it, the CSR said they had no previous reports. I provided screen shots dating back to June. I was then asked for Collaboration Access into my shopify. I gave proper access. Issues have still not been fixed, as of Aug 12. I have Deleted This app. Money wasted.

Churstine's Boutique
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9 novembre 2022

The app is nice especially for an inexperience person who needs help creating videos. But, It would be great if the video was 10 seconds longer, provide more space to add text, and have one video show multiple products instead of just one when you are promoting a collection. This is good when just starting out.

Synoptic Home Essentials
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Minta Auto Post Videos by ReConvert a répondu 11 novembre 2022

Thank you so much! You can add multiple products to videos from the editor currently. If you need help with these please reach out and we would be more than happy to show you.

10 décembre 2022

It's doing great so far, can post to different social media sites with ease. I am also able to post videos of my own products on my website. I look forward to extending my reach on social media because of this platform.

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Modifié le 17 juin 2023

Another Update:

After working with them and them being responsive, their software broke and has been some days since. Their explanation is that it’s a Facebook issue. I’d spent a great deal of time getting familiar so that I could set up a month of planned posts and promos for my store.
I got no warning there was an issue and even after not much in the way of updates, by that I mean 0 updates. No other software I use had been ‘broken’ by a Facebook update. I have worked in the tech field for over 20 years and know it generally does not take more than 48 hours for companies like Facebook and Apple to correct app breaking issues.
What appears is these guys contacted the lot of us to get their reviews back up and then have left us high and dry. I’m dropping my review back to 3 stars and will drop it again if I’m still having the same issue by Monday. Really sad if this is now a new company doing the same thing. If it’s not Facebook then tell your customers what’s happening and be responsive as you were when you were trying to get me to change the review. They were nice enough to extend the free trial but if it doesn’t work if the software doesn’t work.

Minta has been taken over by a new company who reached out to let me know they would be the beginning in a new era of customer service excellence. So far they have been super responsive and helpful! Excited to work with them to grow our site and business!
This is not for the software but for the customer service. I tried it, canceled and went to look at a few others before I decided. I decided I’d go with Minta and asked if they had any New Year deals…it’s been 4 days and not a word. This concerns me because if I needed help, this is how they handle customer service. I;m a small business and we all here know time is money. Won’t sign up with someone who can’t answer one simple question.

The Pink Controller
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Minta Auto Post Videos by ReConvert a répondu 1 juin 2023

Thank you for updating the review! We're always here to help with everything you need,

Eric | Minta & ReConvert CEO

18 août 2023

I literally just signed up and wanted to cry tears of joy. THESE LOOK SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! This is going to save so much time!!!! I can't wait to get started. I am already blown away..!

4 jours d’utilisation de l’application
15 mars 2023

OK i think the ease of usage if you have cool pics for your products....since my product pictures are kinda good quality so the fusion of your platform takes my basic and make them magically appealing..... so thank you best app since ever ever!!!!

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5 janvier 2023

I was skeptical at first, but now I just love it. I have received an uptick in my views and visits to my store since constantly using this app. It is super easy and really works. I love the auto planner the most. Create, click and they do the rest. Worth the money I must say.

Ambiguous Designs
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7 décembre 2022

I only would give 4 stars out of 5, Its a great little app, makes your life easier, simple to connect it to your store, but they should upload or refresh more songs or at least make `upload your own` as an available option. because if you use it daily then the songs are the same and same with no other options. :)

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