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Minta Automated Social Videos

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14 reviews
Edited January 25, 2023

Does not work. The app does not post on Instagram. They do not provide customer service, which is OK, if just the app worked. Had 10 posts the app did not post, and did not get any funds back because of that.

The app also shows wrong price. Our shop is EUR per default, our MINTA accoutn is et to EUR, and then the app shows the EUR Symbol but the price is taken from another currency and does not match.

Time spent using app: 15 days
January 9, 2023

This is not for the software but for the customer service. I tried it, canceled and went to look at a few others before I decided. I decided I’d go with Minta and asked if they had any New Year deals…it’s been 4 days and not a word. This concerns me because if I needed help, this is how they handle customer service. I;m a small business and we all here know time is money. Won’t sign up with someone who can’t answer one simple question.

The Pink Controller
United States
Time spent using app: 4 months
December 25, 2022

I used this app for less than 2 months, they charged me for the whole year, then this app stopped working, it simply no longer allows me to schedule any post, I wrote to the customer service integrated with the app and they have not contacted me for more than one week and they told me to try to pause and restart the post, but nothing works, it's a scam, nobody can really help you!! The worst thing is that they are prepared to take your next $248 automatically! If you cancel this, they automatically delete your membership and leave you completely robbed and without the possibility of anything!

Shelvys Home Store
United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
Edited November 25, 2022

Bad, tried a free trial. forgot to check everything, they send an invoice of 270 dollars.... Wow.. nice as a starting entrepreneur that people like that can destroy you.
In addition, super bad contact with them

Time spent using app: 2 months
July 16, 2022

I used this app for less than a day and they charged me $35. They took out a feature I wanted. Not fair

Call Me Señorita
United States
Time spent using app: 27 days
Minta Technology services LTD replied August 3, 2022

We offer a 7 day free trial for all new accounts but if you create an account and subscribe and cancel then delete and come back multiple times you only get one free trial period which is what happened here. Also, we have not removed any features, in fact we have added a ton of new features. We would love for this user to reach out and let us know what feature they could not find.

July 8, 2022

If I could rate 0 stars I would. I had the worst experience ever with Minta. I only wanted there free 7 day trial. I accidentally forgot to cancel before the 7 day trial was over. It was a complete nightmare trying to explain to Shopify billing that I no longer had Minta yearly subscription and that I cancelled it. It was even harder to get someone to help me from Minta to get my Shopify bill fixed and it's still not even fixed. Shopify billing said it needed approval from Minta to get the bill removed and than Minta says that Shopify is the only one to remove the bill. It's been a nonstop back and forth between them about my bill. My store was going to be frozen because of them both. I ended up feeling like I was forced to pay for a yearly subscription that I didn't even want nor did I even have. I still have the Minta free version and don't have there yearly subscription in there app. I feel completely ripped off and I feel like I have been taken advantage of. I feel like this Minta app will take you for your money don't walk from this app. You need to run and do not I repeat go for there free trial. You don't want to be in a situation that I am in right now worst experience ever I tell you

Moneses Kingdom Star
United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
Minta Technology services LTD replied July 8, 2022

Hi, sorry for that. Both as you mentioned, Shopify send minta the money only after 45 days of your payment. Only then we can make the redound. So please be patient and everything will be fixed.

May 23, 2022

We took the free trial and started publishing to platforms and editing captions, selecting favourite tracks from the album to discover it wasn't even publishing to ANY of the platforms: Tiktok, Pinterest & others. Music was selected that we did not add to favourites and the app is not worth the price one bit. we removed the app and from our store because it didnt't operate what we needed it to and we were still charged the full amount that we still have not paid for! we removed the app and were still charged by this company and have now gotten our lawyer involved to look over it including showing them proof of our last message we sent them that we did not get a response to. Our message was requesting a cancellation of payment after we removed the app, yet nobody has gotten back to us

PBeauty Hair
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 9 days
May 23, 2022

This App developer' declared they are able to post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. I am using their App for the last few months. Mainly I am paying them for the TikTok but this option has not worked since starting. I have contacted so so many times. So many email screenshots I can provide. There customer support department always says they will send the issue to the relevant department, Oh it's solved!!! you can now post it. After all when I give them screenshots then they are saying It's TikTok Issue. They will solve it. Until then I have to wait. But for the last 6 months, I am facing the issue with the TikTok. Minta or TikTok no one is able to solve the issue. My question if it not working then why do you charge money? I am paying $35 every month. I don't know if there are thousands of minta subscribers how are they paying them? They don't see the TikTok not working where the present audience is there. I said them I will review the Shopify App store and Shopify Partner support regarding this issue but they don't respond. After all, they are stopping my email response. They think I am only one customer If I go then there is nothing much loss for them. But they don't know I have 6 Shopify stores and using manta currently for two stores. Trying to find out alternative solutions

Kids Toys LLC
United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
April 27, 2022

I cancelled my account cause the videos were too short. I emailed them to get a refund and never heard from them. Need to go to BBB.

Kitson Living
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months
April 5, 2022

I wish I could use the app but Impossible to save the texts in French too bad. you have to think about being able to save the templates

Time spent using app: About 1 year
Minta Technology services LTD replied April 6, 2022

Hey There, we have both options. Would you like to schedule a video call? We will show you everything, Email