Automated video ads created especially for you

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Simplifying your marketing efforts by creating for you the best video ads you need to promote right now! And you don't have to do a thing!


Increase sales with video ads created for you based on your real-time inventory, customer and product data.

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Never run out of ideas! Minta creates an endless supply of videos ads, created just for you to promote across all social media

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About Minta - Automatically turning your store data into product video ads

Increase sales with data driven product videos

Minta is the solution you need to improve ROI on your ad spend and increase revenue. Minta plugs directly into your Shopify store, analyzes your real-time store data, and creates the best 7-second product video ad to promote right now, without requiring you to lift a finger. Minta is the only platform that uses AI to analyze your sales and inventory data and customer behavior details to create an endless supply of stunning product video ads created just for you.

Promote the right offer at the right time

Minta drives sales to your store by automating the process of creating compelling video ads for your new arrivals, bestsellers, slow-selling items, or any other category that you need to promote.

All you have to do is log in, connect your Shopify account, and start sharing product video ads to Facebook, Instagram, or email.

Minta will create retargeting campaigns, attract new customers, thank loyal buyers, and more by providing ready-to-use product videos designed to promote your products and offers.

Minta is exclusively available to Shopify users, helping small- and medium-sized business owners and ecommerce marketers resolve 3 pain points:

  • Lack of time/ability to develop top video content
  • Lack of time/ability to analyze store data and customer behavior to optimize offers for different types of products
  • Lack of budget to hire a professional video editor

What can Minta do for you?

  • Get Facebook and Instagram video ads that drive sales traffic
  • Recommend weekly video marketing campaigns based on your supply, operational, and logistics data
  • Increase ROI on ad spend by switching up creative weekly or more frequently
  • Test different ad creative and promotional offers to identify those which are most effective
  • Improve sales for new arrivals, bestsellers, and discount items
  • Identify and sell slow-selling products

Minta can automatically generate videos for:

  • New arrivals and collections
  • Bestsellers
  • Sale items

More to come soon!

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  • Unlimited video exports, downloads and revisions

  • All automations features

  • Cancel at any time

  • Customer support

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  • Unlimited video exports, downloads and revisions

  • All automations features

  • New daily product videos

  • Customer support

  • Lifetime license

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5.0 de 5 estrelas

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Avaliações mais recentes

Ebony Bea Beautique Ltd Co

This app was exactly what I needed. My current goal is to improve the look and presence of my ads and Minta is definitely what I needed to achieve that goal. I look forward to the possibilities with Minta.

The English Cyclist

As a designer/animator I am really impressed so far. It's still early days but already Minta is making some nice videos for me and my brand. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the new features coming out in the next few weeks.


I experimented and finished a video with this app and i must say its pretty neat! I hope tht the developer can add more seconds to the video, logo, and hopefully some other cool features. I believe tht this app is on its way to making competitors squeal and being a rivaling menace in the society of great advertising.