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Power up your e-store with the Mirsal Shopify App

With Mirsal’s Shopify App, you can now tap into the most extensive delivery network in the Middle East. With over 10 years in operations and 4 years of e-commerce fulfillment, Mirsal can help you deliver your products to your customers wherever they are. And with our APIs and reporting tools, we take care of the fulfillment so you can focus on your customers.

Simple and Extensive

With the Mirsal Shopify App, you are directly integrated with Mirsal’s back-end systems including our pickup system, delivery network, and our rate calculator. In a few easy steps, you can power up your site to start receiving orders throughout the world.

Here are some of the things that you can do:

1- Schedule a Pickup When preparing a shipment, you can request an Mirsal courier to collect one or more shipments for delivery to the consignee. The request is processed by our nearest Ground Operations Team, and the courier calls to confirm the pickup time.

2- Delivering the order: once Mirsal courier confirms receiving the order form pickup location, our system is notifying your customer by SMS about the order with ability to track the order.

Geographic Location & API Permission:

The Mirsal shopify delivery App will applicable for Kuwait only. After installing the App, store owner have to communicate with our support to get API keys.



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