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25 styczeń 2024

I can't recommend FiveThrive enough for their incredible app and outstanding customer service! Integrating Mixpanel analytics with our local instance was a daunting task until we discovered FiveThrive's app.

Once installed, the app seamlessly integrated Mixpanel analytics with our Shopify store, providing us with invaluable insights into our user behavior and journey. The process was smooth, and the analytics started flowing effortlessly.

What truly sets FiveThrive apart is their exceptional customer service. The team has been incredibly responsive, patient, and proactive in helping us set up custom analytics tailored to our specific needs. They listened attentively to our requirements and went above and beyond to ensure that we had everything set up perfectly.

Working with FiveThrive has been a pleasure, and their app has truly enhanced our understanding of our customers and improved our decision-making processes. If you're looking to level up your analytics game on Shopify, look no further than FiveThrive!

Thank you, FiveThrive, for your fantastic app and unparalleled support!

Noom Shop
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30 maj 2018

This app works fantastically and is way easier than implementing Mixpanel in the code. Jim at FiveThrive has been amazing to work with, personally responding to any questions we've had to ensure the app works as we've needed it to for our implementation. If you are serious about conversion rate optimization on Shopify, using Mixpanel and this application is a fantastic setup.

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18 styczeń 2022

Excellent app and solid support! The tracking is also more accurate than purely on-page tracking it uses the API as well as the javascript SDK.

WULT Beauty
SRA Hongkong (Chiny)
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9 czerwiec 2020

The app is great, easy to set up and Jim is fantastic to work with. Very responsive and has helped us with some light customization for our Shopify implementation which meets our needs exactly. This app is much easier and more manageable than brining in a dev team to do a full mixpanel implementation. Highly recommend.

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2 maj 2017

This integration has been working wonderfully for us! It couldn't have been any easier to get things working with our Mixpanel account, and it's now super helpful to see how everything ties together with our e-commerce objectives. Everything is tracked, from the very beginning when a new customer adds to cart, and all the way through the completion of checkout. Finally, working with Jim to incorporate new features has been such a pleasant experience.

Thanks so much for a wonderful integration!

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