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29. februar 2024

Without this app, we would have to go in the back end of Shopify, navigate to an item's page, and edit there anytime we add, remove, or change the status. I'm sure it's saved hundreds of hours of work so far. When we had an issue recently, Daniel was quick to reply and to go in and fix it for us. Highly recommend the app, and the excellent customer service.

Evergreen Nursery, Inc.
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25. januar 2024

We had a very specific need for this app regarding a barcode field needing fulfilling in a product catalogue of 13,000 skus (and growing every month). This seemed to be the only app that could bulk edit items in our Shopify product catalogue to such a specific degree. When we had concerns of how the app was functioning, Daniel from Mixtable support was so helpful and even had a zoom call so that I could better explain our issues. If you can figure out how to make this app work for you and your store, it can really fill the gap that Shopify leaves when managing your products.

Schumacher UK
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1. februar 2024

I had be looking high and low for an app that could bulk edit shopify pages! this is the only one i have found! and the service was amazing! they helped load the html code for the content of my over 11000 pages and I was able to bulk edit them all! This has saved me thousands of dollars and time! couldn't be happier!

Young Farts RV Parts
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3. september 2023

I have tried other bulk-editing apps and this one is by far my favorite. You don't have to upload sheets. Everything from your catalog is right there in front of you for simple modifications and bulk edits. We have found Mixtable indispensable. We use it on two of our websites. Shopify is just not set up for large catalogs, but this app makes it possible. And if you have metafields, lots of them, you truly can't live without Mixtable. Thank you for a great app. Oh, and fantastic customer support!!

Keystone Safe Company
7 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 10. december 2021

Hi, i dont wanna do this. But i cant contact you guys, i sent at least 5 message to you, i really like this app, and after my trail finished, i upgraded my plan, but the 'upgrade' warning still keep poping up, and at your admin panel it still showing that i should upgrade, hope you guys solve this bug, it is making some nagative effects to my working progress right now. Thanks. Sorry, i didnt see you email, it was accidently moved into spam. But still hope you can solve the problem soon, thank you.

Mere end et år bruger appen
Mixtable svarede 10. december 2021

Hi there. We replied to your email twice about eight hours ago. Could you please check your spam? Our support system indicates that they have been read.

3. januar 2022

If you're looking for a versatile database with an integration to Shopify without any hassle, this is what you're looking for. With a very responsive support team, you'll have it up and running in no-time.

Holland (Nederlandene)
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9. juni 2022

We use this app to bulk edit products and metafields. It has been a great way to do bulk editing. It is nice because it feels like the spreadsheets our employees are already familiar with. The team at Mixtable has always been responsive, and willing to work with us. I would recommend this app to anyone who needs to edit data on a large scale.

The Wood Bat Factory
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9. december 2022

We have been using Mixtable for over a year now and it is an absolutely essential tool/app for our business. Whether bulk importing products during an initial store design, routine maintenance on an ongoing basis, or adding new products and collections to update your catalog, this really is our go-to application. I've tried maybe a dozen or so others when we first set up our shop, and Mixtable really has been the best - easiest to use, most efficient and flexible, and all around solid. We use it to not only update our product (and product variant) information - price, description, inventory, product type etc., but most importantly metafields. This allows us to easily structure our product fields (metafields) for other shopping channel feeds like Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc. That part right there saved us an incredible amount of time and frustration, and more than worth the price of the app on it's own! Thanks Mixtable team, we're looking forward to any cool new features you may have planned on the horizon.

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5. september 2022

I am still fairly new on the app but the possibilities are endless. I am super happy and grateful with the support, Daniel has gotten back to me on several questions very quickly and is really helpful thank you! I love the fact that I can bulk edit my products (I have over 25000 products and was getting a headache even thinking about Editing them one by one!). Especially the fact that you can edit the metafields is so valuable and was the reason I downloaded the app in the First plage- and Im not disappointed! I have a lot more to explore but am looking forward to organize my store through mixtable. Would absolutely recommend this app to anyone :)

Old Soulz Gifts
New Zealand
Cirka et år bruger appen
24. marts 2022

Without Mixtable I have no idea how would I be able to handle thousands of products at once as Shopifiy's product editing platform does not support things like: filtering in metafields, filtering and adding tags accurately(Shopify's product search is RUBISH, not accurate), assigning/removing products to collections... there is so so many things that you can do here!... in Shopify you can only search in the product description and based on that you can add tags or assign them to collection but in most cases the info you need won't be in the description... This product is so underrated... 10 STARS!!!

9 måneder bruger appen