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11. juli 2022

Fantastic app! Mixtable has saved us A LOT of time updating every aspect of our products using metafields in Shopify. Could not recommend this app enough. The team are super friendly as well, responding within a day always, and open to implementing new features as per your requirements.

9 måneder bruger appen
3. juli 2022

This is our first time trying a bulk editor and we think the spreadsheet format is ideal. It's like using Google Sheets or Excel where formulas can be used for advanced editing.

4 måneder bruger appen
10. august 2022

The absolute BEST money we spent on store setup.
If you have bulk editing to do, get this app immediately. The app really shines in its ability to edit almost anything about your product. Bulk editing of simple things such as categories is great, sure. But the spreadsheet functionality is just insanely helpful. Add columns just to store data, run formulas, combine columns . . . it's unbellievable. And then sync it up and seconds later your whole store is up to date. And even more (yes, there's more), you can edit other content that is impossible to do elsewhere, such as metafields! This alone is just a slam dunk. It's impossible to overstate how amazing this app is if you have lots of editing to do.

SimpleShot | Everything Slingshots®
3 måneder bruger appen
21. januar 2022

We used Mixtable to bulk edit SEO Meta to disable search and search engine indexing of our products. Would have taken forever to edit all our products one at a time but with Mixtable it was a snap!

Friends of the Trees Botanicals
24 dage bruger appen
6. april 2023

I've tried virtually every solution out there including in-house built solutions and none of them work as good as Mixtable when it comes to being able to quickly and efficiently bulk update metafields in particular. Also works great with pricing and pretty much any other Shopify object attribute.

6. august 2021

This is exactly what I've been looking for: maps all my Shopify data to a spreadsheet and lets me bulk edit all my products / metafields in seconds, lets me run analysis how I see fit, and includes some nice presets / shortcuts specific to Shopify. There are some great analytics apps out there, but they generally focus on the same standard calculations and aren't very customizable. Using multiple apps is annoying + costly. I would say this takes a little more legwork then some, but for someone who knows Excel - it's perfect. This seems to be a very new app and I haven't heard much about it, but really promising so far and I'm looking forward to updates. Would love to see more fields/data (blogs/page content if possible!) as the app continues to be built. Great tech support too BTW!

Regimen Lab