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A magical bulk editor

Spreadsheet that feels like Google Sheets and makes it easy to view, add, and edit your store's data

Works like Excel

All the same formulas and behavior, so you already know how to use it

Real-time sync

When data changes in your store, your spreadsheet will update almost immediately

关于 Mixtable

Mixtable is a magical spreadsheet. It runs in the browser (like Google Sheets), but it behaves like Excel, with all the functions you know and love. But that's not all. Mixtable is also built from the ground up to sync data with Shopify. So you can see and change your store's data, all within a fast and easy to use spreadsheet interface. Bulk edit products, inventory, customers, and more in near real time.

The easiest way to bulk edit your Shopify store's data

An Excel-like spreadsheet is the easiest way to bulk update your price, inventory, metafields, tags, and more. You can also add products, variants, collections, and customers in bulk.

Blissful inventory management

Use a familiar spreadsheet interface to manage your Shopify inventory. You are able to manage inventory across many locations, and sync inventory both to and from Shopify.

Your all-in-one ERP for Shopify

Sync your Shopify data to create a cost-effective ERP for your store. Manage inventory, analyze sales, check on your payouts and accounting transactions, and much more.

Build a CRM for your Shopify store

Create a CRM that is easy to use and tailored to your needs. Sync all your customer data into one sheet, with columns for the data you need. Add to this Mixtable Analytics fields, such as Life-Time Value, and get the Shopify CRM you've always wanted.

Save money by replacing apps with a smart spreadsheet

Mixtable is your all-in-one metafield editor, bulk editor, CRM, ERP, and more ...


  • Fully online spreadsheet that works in your browser

  • Full, bi-directional sync. Sync products, orders, customers, and more, both to and from Shopify

  • Real-time updates. When data changes in your store, your spreadsheet will update almost immediately

  • Feels like Excel. All the same formulas so you don't have to learn anything new

  • Add/edit metafields individually or in bulk

  • Manage your product's images. You can add multiple images in one go, from a file or from a url. Delete images that are no longer needed. And you can modify images with Mixtable's built-in image editor

  • Access pre-built analytics. We know the metrics Shopify store owners want to see, such as sales-by-product or customer LTV. So we've pre-built them and they are available at your fingertips

  • Update product prices with formulas. Use any Excel formulas you need to dynamically set your products' prices

  • Export your Mixtable workbook to an Excel file with one click



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Launch plan


  • The first 50 stores to install Mixtable get to use it for free for a year

Basic Plan


* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

5.0 评分


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Regimen Lab

This is exactly what I've been looking for: maps all my Shopify data to a spreadsheet and lets me bulk edit all my products / metafields in seconds, lets me run analysis how I see fit, and includes some nice presets / shortcuts specific to Shopify. There are some great analytics apps out there, but they generally focus on the same standard calculations and aren't very customizable. Using multiple apps is annoying + costly. I would say this takes a little more legwork then some, but for someone who knows Excel - it's perfect. This seems to be a very new app and I haven't heard much about it, but really promising so far and I'm looking forward to updates. Would love to see more fields/data (blogs/page content if possible!) as the app continues to be built. Great tech support too BTW!