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Conversational Search

Your customers can interact via voice or text conversations and say exactly what they are looking for: “I want dark skinny jeans"


A new, exciting voice shopping experience for your customers

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We automatically turn catalogs into smart virtual shopping assistants

有關 mmuze

With shoppers, there’s nothing like the human touch - a salesperson to guide them to discover the best-suited products for them. And this is what’s missing from the online shopping experience that no store has yet been able to solve. Conversational commerce platform Mmuze uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recreate the in-store shopping experience online, through a virtual personal shopping assistant. This enables customers to interact with a brand – via voice or text conversation – and tell them exactly what they are looking for, “a dark purple top under $10”, for example. Whether they are searching for a specific dress or want advice on what to wear to a certain event, Mmuze “associates” answer every question that shoppers have, from price to style to material specifications. This prevents them from scrolling through hundreds of items online, making their experience more convenient and personal.

  • Your customers can interact with your store via voice (by using the mic) or via text (by using the search bar)
  • The personal assistant understands of the different features of your products and matching products from your catalog to your customer’s request
  • Stellar 24/7 service so the personal assistant is always working for you.

Installation & Support: Easy Installation and Setup. Full support, mmuze team is here to assist you in any way. Results are Just a Click Away!

*Notes We currently support Fashion and Home only Food and Beverage support - coming soon Supported Language: English

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after 2 months of free usage, we charge usage fee according to usage volume

3.3 5 顆星


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What Fashion Wants

I was really excited to try this app but every time i download it I get different errors saying there's an issue with the connection to my store.

Bvstore 24145

I love this app. But I hate that it doesn't help customer find shoes. 80% sales are shoes.