Mobile Chat: SMS Text Messages

Mobile Chat: SMS Text Messages

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Chat with your mobile customers & make more sales in ONE tap.

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📲 Easy Texting Your Customers

Easily connect with your customers, allowing them to text you from their mobile phones with one tap.

💰 More Sales → More Revenue

Increase revenue by selling to your customers via SMS text, where they open 98% of messages.

🦸 Better Customer Service

Sell, support and build relationships with your customers via text. Respond to queries on the spot.

Podrobnosti o Mobile Chat: SMS Text Messages

Increase sales by connecting with your mobile customers through SMS text messaging!

Customers who visit your store via mobile phones make up over half of most stores' traffic. However, they tend to convert far worse than customers using a desktop computer.

Mobile Chat fixes this!

What is Mobile Chat?

This app adds a simple button at the bottom of your mobile website that allows your customers to text you. This allows customers to ask you questions and allows you to sell them on the product. All within one channel - texting - where 98% of people read every message.

Let's take a look at a few things the Mobile Chat app allows you to do:

• Allow customers to text you with just 1 tap on their phones

• Answer customer questions via text, and encourage them to buy

• Build up a list of phone numbers for later remarketing

• Reach out to your customers that text you via SMS, the most engaging marketing channel available today

Start engaging with your customers via text and start your free Mobile Chat trial now.

If for any reason you don't LOVE this app, just cancel within 7 days and you will not be charged.

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  • Google Voice,
  • Analytics,
  • sms

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  • Easy installation
  • 1 tap SMS text messaging
  • Help building remarketing lists
  • CTA color customization
  • 7-day free trial

* Všechny poplatky jsou fakturovány v USD.
** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

4.0 z pěti hvězd

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Extremely simple to use, I added mobile chat to the site in about 5 seconds. Added a phone number, picked the button color. Almost too easy :P



Odpověď vývojáře

24. březen 2019

We have fixed this issue, the dashboard is now visible even at 0 conversations. Initially, we only displayed the dashboard after at least one person engaged with your store. Thanks for the feedback!


Took 15 seconds to install, already getting text messages from my customers. This is an especially great app for when you don't have a compelling email newsletter, etc but still want to communicate with web visitors.