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Mobile App For Your Shop by Shoutem

Mobile App For Your Shop by Shoutem

Developed by Shoutem Inc.

Price: $19.90 – $119.90 / month More info
  • Let your customers search, browse and purchase products on the go
  • Grow your mobile sales
  • Customize your mobile shop with push notifications, and social and local streams to drive customer engagement

Offer your customers a seamless cross-platform experience to browse and purchase your products via mobile apps and a HTML 5 mobile-optimized website.

  • One-click integration: Simply turn your Shopify store into a mobile shopping app for multiple devices

  • Branded mobile shopping apps: Customize the look-and-feel of your mobile shop to match your visual identity

  • Support for multiple platforms: Offer your customers apps from Google Play and App store, as well as HTML5 web apps they can open in a web browser

  • Mobile exclusives: Deliver exclusive deals, discounts, special offers and rewards to your mobile shoppers

  • Mobile shop check-out: Link to your existing Shopify store for completing the purchase

Mobile App For Your Shop by Shoutem reviews (19)


My gosh, DO NOT apply for this program, we request for a refund because it did not do what we need and they have ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND SYSTEM and they just canceled the account without refunding any money???? I am the tech person for many stores and I am NOT NOT NOT going to use this as any of my stores, HORRIBLE ATTITUDE!!!!!!!


easy integration/changing of URL and helpful support team


Easy integration with our app!


Integrates Shopify well enough. Shoutem is very powerful but there is room for updates.


We are a shoutem customer for around 2-3 years and the improvements arent very good. The product data from shopify is loading a long time. No customer will use this often. We integrated our shop in shoutem with a simple link, thats better! But not really "sexy". So all in all shoutem is currenlty nothing for the future for us. A mobile optimized webshop is better. The Loyalty program is interesting and very nice, but thats not enough. Our app was designed by ourselves, its called "Stilkontor Hameln" - you can test it on Google Play or in the App Store. We will stop using shoutem in near future.

This app is just importing the data to shoutem. The main problem with the loading time is still present since 1 year... If a customer wants to see a collection he needs to wait 10-20 seconds!


It's relatively quite an easy to use platform and back-end system for people who has no coding background, drag and drop system so that you get what you see on your app. Plus any updates/new products on your shopify store is linked/port over almost instantly to the app so it's really quite convenient and easy to use.

However, quite a number of drawbacks and limitations, it's not that perfect as what's shown on their website (other samples/templates)
App still looks a little choppy and not seamless to me though.

But biggest problem is that you cannot checkout directly from the app itself, and there's no data to show that the sales came from the app. Also push notifications settings are very limited as it can't show specific page on the app, but rather just a website link that's opened in the app itself.

Also setup time (we purchased the professional setup) to get the app up is way too long, from start of purchase in Jan, my app was only able to go live in May.
Still have loads of room for improvement, but overall quite a useful app if u want to transfer your online store to the app in no time.

The Home Shoppe


Works well and connects my store to my Shoutem app.


Does what it advertises, however there is definitely room for improvement. The choice of designs/layouts are very limited, does not incorporate things like homepage sliders etc. The biggest drawback however is you cannot update something and expect it to update the app immediately. After you re-publish with any updates on shotem's website it takes logging into/closing and opening the app several times for it to show the new content. Push notifications are limited because you must direct them to a webpage instead of opening a page in the app (the webpage just opens within your app), I'd also like to be able to schedule push notifications which you cannot do.

The biggest drawback of all is the limited analytics. Shoutem's website give you no information whatsoever on analytics except for social media. You cannot see how many downloads your app has, how often it's used, pages visited, etc. And BIGGEST problem of all, you cannot see what sales are coming from the app! I mean come on, how am I suppose to know if this app is worth it if I can't even see if my customers are making purchases through the app???


Amazing. Except with one drawback that I consider very critical. It always sorts the items Alphabetically! Even if in the Shopify store I select to sort Newest to Oldest, the app in Shoutem would still display it Alphabetically. Please fix this. Other than that, everything is amazing.


NIce way to develop a mobile-optimized version of your site without being a programmer.

$19.90 – $119.90 / month


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