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26 Temmuz 2018

The app is great, the service to ship named brand items tracked to the US in 3 business days with no tax nexus issues to worry about is fantastic. However there are some core basics that they really need to integrate. Firstly, the ability to search their named brand section by item type. You cannot click to look at footwear for example, or tee shirts, you have to search variations of boot/shoe/sneaker and hope they have that in the name. Please implement the ability to tick by item type rather than just brand name and search field.

Secondly, the spelling/grammar needs to be fixed to prevent extensive and tedious work that the merchant has to carry out. The variant colours should all be capitalized as customers can see this when the item is loaded to the store. For 60 items I have to manually go and change every single colour field to capitalize the colour. Tags should also by default be capitalized as customers can search for these fields and it looks extremely unprofessional to have them displaying without this.

Product descriptions should also use the correct spelling and grammar. For a majority of the items, letters that should be capitalized are not, and words are joined together without spaces. Lastly, on the images section for most items the last image is the exact same as the first image, having it twice needlessly. As such, the typical experience when working with a decently sized import list is to go into the import list, delete all the tags, replace them all with capitalized words, go over to the descriptions and sort out the poor grammar and format on all of them, go to every single variant tab and capitalize all the colours, then go to the image tabs of every product and untick the last image which is simply a duplicate of the first image. This is after having spent far too long browsing the available products trying to make sure you searched every variation of footwear possible in case you missed one you wanted on your store.

This creates untold amounts of unnecessary hours spent fine tuning basics before importing to your store. It would be amazing if some of these were addressed! Otherwise, this app is outstanding.

Beyond Elegant