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The app itself is really great but when it came to shipment and time for a few technical questions to be answered i was left on read for three days. still haven't heard a response for such a simple question. I have clients waiting for their package but i cannot complete the order. I am also a top paying customer.


I initially subscribed for the brand name, paid $175 for the subscription, wasted two months building the inventory product description then all of a sudden after i have marketed it for two months, modalyst zeroed all my inventories. So i switched to basic subscription. I don't know if I like it or if i will continue. The suppliers never respond to your e-mail, i never got a response from shore trendz for an exchange despite multiple e-mail. None of the suppliers I e-mailed responded to me that I am a dropshipper and I want to make sure they don't send my customers invoice, logo or their promotions. I'm very disappointed that Modalyst doesn't have a good handle of their suppliers.

Rosada Fashion Co.

Not sure, first time using it. I love the fast shipping times being offered so far but haven't used it yet.


DO NOT USE THIS APP!!! The All Over Print shirts cost $19.95 on the suppliers website, and I can't even put them in my store for that price. The same holds true for all of the ones that might be relevant to my niche. This is the biggest SCAM. I wish I had not paid the $150 earlier today just to turn around and realize I had been SCAMMMMMMED.


I have been trying order a shirt for 2 weeks. One supplier PayPal did not work. Another supplier has received my money but refuses to ship my product. I like Wish and SHEIN. The independent brands are horrible and I am removing them from my store. My experience with the Independent brands will give my store a bad name. They need to be more careful in screening suppliers.


I have now been using it for a few weeks. While the free versions seems to be okay the paid version is just not worth it. Items are very expensive for the quality. Items listed for the name brands are typically the worst for that brand, or they are not being sold by the brand itself, or clearance items. Then here are some other issues everyone should be aware of and I will be posting every issue that I come across. So stay tuned.

1. I selected about 56 handbags from Phive Rivers. It was extremely cumbersome and time consuming to apply tags to products within the Import List. It had to be done item by item, no bulk editing. I was told I could export to CSV file and edit in bulk.
2. So if you look at the drop down menu where it says "Export to CSV" there are a few options. Two of those options are "Shopify File Format" and "Big Commerce File Format". Well common sense says once I use the Shopify format I can upload directly to Shopify and it should work. Wala yes it did. However, nowhere does it say NOW THERE IS NO WAY TO SYNC between Shopify and Modalyst. I spent almost 7 to 8 hours tagging each and every item, editing descriptions, titles you name it. Finally, I had to delete all the items, put them back in the Import List, move them all to Shopify. Then Export them to CSV, re-do everything all over again.

Stay tuned I have more coming as I find time to write. By the way, today I found out Modaylst will not update inventory on Shopify. When inventory is down to zero it says sold out on the product image. So if you want product not to show automatically it cannot be done. You have to remove or hide manually.

I am not trying Oberlo, let's see what happens there.

Paris Winkle

Well, I was excited to find an app that offers a faster shipping service and vendors in the states. I received my first order a couple of days ago. It was an order to put through using chrome extension, which I already had installed on day one. When you go to process it. You order through modalyst and it takes you to Shein’s site to place the order for the customer. On the demo video, it shows it should go from unpaid order to paid. A half day goes by, and I try it again. I also, check my bank account right after the second time trying. It show’s two orders for the customer went through. Jill from modalyst said it would be on Sheins end, and that I would need to contact them to cancel one order. I tried to contact them, but they don’t respond, so now I have two orders going to the customer. I received an email stating they will be delivered by DHL express by the end of the day tomorrow. I have emailed Jill from madalyst and another person with modalyst about why my paid order has not been updated to paid. So that I could send my customer an update on their order with tracking info., and I still have not received a response. I am disappointed in the follow through with customer service with Modalyst. I would continue using them, if this was to be up-dated and was responded to. I will wait a couple more days. If all else fails, I will unfortunately have to end the service. I will then switch to Oberlo, because if this is the way the service is going to be from the beginning. It scares me to continue ising them for the future. Also, I will probably not continue to use Shein through them, since they sell their products for cheap, so whats the point in me selling their products when the next order the customer will place it with them for cheaper than what I offer. For now I have to give this app 2 ⭐️ ⭐️ ’s only because, they offer vendors from the States, but is still a very low selection and they show a long list of vendors, but they have no products in their section. There are only a few vendors that have some nice pieces, but they are still a bit pricey. Now if there were more products to offer, then I would make my site into just a high end, couture on-line boutique business. I hope this helps with updating Modalyst to make everyone happy or some insight into what you will be putting your hard work and quality time into building. Thank you


After a year, now trying to reconcile whether we've lost more money or faith in dropping with Modalyst.

Soooo Dissapointed in something that has so could have been great.


How comes that you guys haven't check about Wish concerns that bought Millions customers complained about theirs scams stuff and suppliers?

check this out

So how we can make sure that for us will work?

Hopefully Answer on those simple concern and watch the video to see what happened to millions customers

Frizbuy Com

Very Very Very unreliable, this is my second sale with Modalyst and i dont hear any reponse from their side which made me look really bad front of my customer.4

There was an item removed from Modalyst without my knowledge and i have a customer order 2 of that specific item and Modalyst is good at NOT replying back and suppliers mainly take such a long time to reply. Now i will not change or remove THIS review till they reply back and solve this issue i have now!

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