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  • Sell a wide variety of products from 40+ categories without investing in inventory
  • Add items to your store from Wish.com and Modalyst in one-click
  • Stay updated on inventory levels, imagery, and descriptions, all synced in real-time

Source, list and sell millions of products across 40+ categories

Today, more than half of all ecommerce retailers dropship a portion of their inventory sold online. Modalyst is the technology layer powering dropshipping, enabling ecommerce retailers to source, list, and sell products without the financial risk of purchasing inventory, warehousing, and fulfillment.

Our Wish.com integration offers retailers access to millions of products with huge mark-up potential, helping you create a profitable business. Create pricing rules on Modalyst to automatically multiply costs and even add shipping into the cost of the price of each time, so you can spend less time importing products and more time making money.

Modalyst is also well-known for our curated marketplace of +550 handpicked suppliers, enabling retailers to source products from independent suppliers and differentiate your store.

With Modalyst, you can create both a truly unique experience for your customers as well as build a profitable business.

The Modalyst App for Shopify Features :

Wish.com Integration

Source products from a marketplace of millions of high-margin products from 40+ categories.

One-click Sourcing

Instantly add products from Wish.com and Modalyst in one-click.

Real-time Product Feeds

All items are continuously updated with real-time info on inventory available, imagery, descriptions and pricing.

Item Customization

Edit descriptions, pricing, variants and imagery before adding products to your store.

Single-Centralized Platform

Manage thousands of suppliers and millions of products all in one platform.

Easily Order on Wish.com

Order forms will be automatically filled out with your customer’s info so all you have to do is pay.

Sync Tracking Numbers

Orders are synced with Shopify so your customers will know exactly when the products will arrive.

Expedited Shipping

Find express shipping products on Wish to offer shorter delivery windows for your customers. Modalyst Marketplace suppliers also have shorter shipping times with an average of 3 days to ship their products.

Free Shipping

Source from selected suppliers on Modalyst that offer $0 shipping costs. Additionally, automatically add the cost of shipping into the Product Price and offer free shipping without impacting margins.

Profit Calculator

See what you will earn on each product in real-time.

Pricing Rules

Automatically mark-up all items based on rules that you create.

Automatically Add Shipping Costs to the Product Price & Offer Free Shipping

Choose to include shipping costs on every item so you are never losing money.

Pricing Plans Include:

Basic: Free Forever

Pro: $45/month, access to Wish.com and Modalyst Marketplace, 2% transaction fee

Premium: $150/month, access to Wish.com and Modalyst Marketplace, 0% transaction fee


Modalyst Help Center is open 24/7!

If you’d like to email us, please contact our customer success team at support@modalyst.co

Looking for advice about dropshipping? Check out our Blog to learn how to grow your business.

MODALYST reviews

161 reviews
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  5. 1 star (9 reviews)

Modalyst is a dream come true for retailers like ourselves. It's a relatively new platform and they are taking reviews and suggestions from users. The support is awesome and eases all worries. This a great team and I'm really happy I signed up with Modalyst!


Modalyst is the only dropshipping platform I'd use. They are extremely professional and their brands are high quality. Even when I run into an issue, they resolve it quickly and work with me at every step. Couldn't ask for more.


I have heard of Modalyst before but never really knew what they did. I came across them again and looked further into, I am so glad I did! I have a large natural and organic online store with about 20k products but mostly from one supplier. I wanted to start expanding and offer green fashion products. I found one company on there that has these beautiful vegan leather purses and I was sold! I have spent two days looking through all of the brands and picking which I want to add to my store. Modalyst makes it so easy to pull products in from hundreds of brands and I cannot wait to add more (it is actually kind of fun, lol).

I am so happy that I am recommending this to a friend of mine that is opening an online store for accessories.

I have been dealing with the nightmare of different vendor spreadsheets and having to pay money to someone to fix up spreadsheets so that it can be uploaded into Shopify. I have also spent hours adding them manually. I really wish ALL brands were on here so it would my job a lot easier, lol.

I also find the 40% profit margin is very fair and have spotted checked some of the brands own stores and they are selling for the same MSRP as listed, so NO, they are not getting anything over on the retailers.


Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup. https://www.gift-frog.com


Excellent! I love the value this adds to my business!!!! Good Selection.

Thanks From,
Men's Modern Clothing Boutique


Helps bolster my inventory. Great for new stores


Modalyst was a real business changer for me! I can rely on it to provide two things: #1 High quality products that my customers will love, #2 one of the best customer service in the industry. I wish Jill and her team all the best and we want to see you grow.


Modalyst is a 5 star service in all aspects. In Europe it is rare to find a good dropshipper, and in USA it is difficult to find a quality dropshipper to sent to Europe with low cost shipping. In Modalyst i have high hopes for good profits and i plan to put all their suppliers on my web site for sale.
Another good thing is that in case one supplier defaults in their quality i can simply take them out without worrying i will destroy my business and still do all that from one app. Many thanks for your 5 star support as well, i am sending continuously messages with many questions and they reply very very fast. Jill thanks for eveything . C. Karikoglou Doragon


Good app with some good designers, but definitely it can be better


Excellent! Love it! Easy to use, quality of product and service from suppliers is top notch and Modalyst Customer Service is second to none!!

I finally got a chance today to look at what you offered, it took me about 2 mins to see the others without a doubt were not even close to your standards and service

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