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Modifié le 6 août 2020

I thought this app was going to be great for my website till one of our builders got into the nuts and bolts of the app and thru analysis on gtmetrix found out this app is really slowing down our website. We will be researching other options for replacing this one.

All Clothes Hawaiian
Presque 3 ans d’utilisation de l’application
CartBoosters a répondu 14 août 2020

Thank you for your review. The app loads from an external server and it CANNOT slow down your website. If you are not sure on how to interprete the reports of GTMetrix, I suggest you to hire a professional and he can tell you the same thing that the app is not slowing down your website.

If you need any help from me to speed up your website, please feel free to reach out. Although it is beyond the scope of customer support, but I am happy to give you some advice on speeding up your website.

6 juillet 2021

The application is good, the website looks great but the customer service is pretty bad. I have waited several days for support and as they have not replied I have had to solve my problem by other means.

2 mois d’utilisation de l’application