Translate & Currency Converter

Translate & Currency Converter

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Translate Unlimited Language & Currency Converter In Minutes

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Powered by Google Translate

Translation by the most advanced multi language translator in the world, Google Translate. You can auto translate into 103 languages

164 Multi Currency Converter

Boost your sales by offering customers translation and multicurrency creating a better shopping experience with a translate currency option

Increase Sales & Conversations

Boost your sales by offering customers auto translation and multicurrency creating a better shopping experience with our easy to install app

Acerca de Translate & Currency Converter


Integrates with all themes to support any local currency (164) and languages (103). Fully customize to look beautiful on your Shopify store to show customers in local language and currency. Many other premium features included free. We love helping our customers.

SPECIAL PRICE Translate Pro - $16.95 to $14.95 Currency Pro - $16.95 to $14.95 Mokool Pro - $27.65 to - $19.95


When your customer arrives at your store, they see there local language and multicurrency.


Use google translate, the most powerful language translation tool to auto translate your store into 103 languages.


See full feature list for tonnes of ways to personalize the translate currency menu


Track how user interact to offer an even better experience. Learn what language translations or currencies changed.

Translate & Currency Converter Pro Feature List:

  • Unlimited language translate and multicurrency converter
  • Integrates with all themes
  • 164 multi currencies
  • 103 languages auto translator powered by Google Translate 
  • Auto Translate to show in their local currency and native language translator (google translation)
  • Change fonts, sizes (text/flag/menu), color (text/menu), currency code, native names
  • 9 translate currency menu options (custom, static, floating) for multi currency & multi language switcher
  • Featured language translate & currency rate
  • Show countries currency format
  • Display both store default and local multicurrency on your store
  • Have your default store currency hover over the exchanged currency rate
  • Multi currency price rounding to the closest whole number
  • Manually set exchange rates for multicurrency
  • Show both converted and default checkout currency
  • Vanity pricing - coin to same last 2 digits to look professional 
  • Add flags to money pricing menu for currencies
  • User Analytics help optimize the customers’ experience
  • Add padding to the currency exchange rate for specific country currencies
  • Custom checkout text
  • Display both store default and local currency rate on your checkout
  • No coding required for multicurrency switcher & translate language switcher


Se integra con

  • Google Translator,
  • IP Tracker,
  • currency converter,
  • coming soon

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Precio 15 días de prueba gratis

Basic Plan


  • - 5 languages & 5 currencies
  • - Translate by Google Translator
  • - Currency Converter
  • - Lots of premium features, see description for list

Translate Pro


o $8.29/mes se factura $99.50 una vez al año

  • - Everything in free plus unlocked full translator:
  • - 103 Languages
  • - Location detection - Shows in customers native language
  • - Analytics

Currency Pro


o $8.29/mes se factura $99.50 una vez al año

  • - Everything in free plus unlocked full currency converter
  • - 164 Currency converter
  • - Location detection - Shows local currency
  • - Analytics

Mokool Pro


o $13.38/mes se factura $160.50 una vez al año

  • - Everything in translator
  • - Everything in currency converter
  • - Premium customer support manager

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD. Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

4.5 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes


This is a very very good app. It looks aesthetic, works well and customer service have been very timely in getting back to adjust and fix issues.


Please Do not use this app, it messed Up my store and now I have to engage someone to fixed, all variants, colors sizes even pictures and add to cart on my products disappeared, also a whole section disappeared.

Respuesta del desarrollador

22 de febrero de 2021

Sorry to hear you had an issue with your store. This issue was NOT caused by our app. We have investigated it thoroughly and proven it not our app and what cause the issue, offered suggestions & spent countless hours to help you. If our app caused this or any issue, we want to improve it for a better customer experience, so I take this claim seriously and will take responsibility (and improve the app). Our app does not touch variants or remove sections. Our team hopes you have a better day and when you realize it was not us, change this review to be honest.

The CourseFlow

The team is very nice and dedicated.
I am very satisfied with their generous help! They obviously want to know the need of the customers and try to help them with their best.

Respuesta del desarrollador

12 de febrero de 2021

Thank you for the review. Happy for your review on the hard work out tram does