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7 maj 2024

The App is 2 stars. I followed their video tutorial to set everything up and it did not work. Their customer service is 5 stars....but that doesn't help if I am trying to do things when they are offline and it isn't working.

Fast Frontier
2 dagar användning av appen
Monk Commerce svarade 8 maj 2024

We sincerely apologise for the experience you've had with our app. Please refer to the e-mail we've sent you, our best people are on this and we'll ensure the problems you've faced are solved immediately.

16 mars 2024

Monk upsell seems somewhat broken, the progess bar will sometimes add the free gifts,and sometimes it wont, leading to a huge drop in CVR. This also goes for running other discounts along side it, getting it stuck in an infinite loop.

15 dagar användning av appen
Monk Commerce svarade 18 mars 2024

Hey, looks like the issues you were facing were because the store was using a third-party app for the cart causing cross-app interference between Monk and the other app. Monk is currently compatible only with a theme's native cart or a custom coded cart but not with other cart apps.

23 november 2023

App was ok but the support I got today was great!

Cross O Meats
Ungefär 20 timmar användning av appen
Redigerat 14 november 2021

Selling option bundles are basic upsell / cross sell and need a bit more work to come up to competitor app standards. Being free the basic sell features are ok and the configurable colours and text is pretty good. The app suffers from inability to BOGOF, inability to include a free item into a bundle, or be able to discount more if customers buy more. Sadly other apps provide these features. The side pop-up needs refinement performance wise as it causes a noticeable slow down on the page. Overall a good app but needs more given it has moved to a subscription model.
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen