Monk Cart Upsell & Cross Sell

Monk Cart Upsell & Cross Sell

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one click upsell+pre purchase upsell bundle+discounted upsells

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Boost Sales Instantly!

Monk is a full suite upsell & cross sell app that shows immediate impact on revenues. Offer discounted upsells to get customers to buy more!

Pre & Post Purchase Upsells!

Create multiple different offers on product/cart page/post purchase to drive sales. Fully customizable offer design. Translations available.

Easy. Fast. Set it & forget it

One time effort to set-up your upsell funnels. Does not hamper performance of your store. Intuitive design that looks good on any device.

Acerca de Monk Cart Upsell & Cross Sell

We consider ourselves to be the best support on all of Shopify.

Here’s why

Our team is available on chat 24*7 with response times less than 60 seconds.

If your issue isn’t resolved we’ll email you about it & keep you in the loop with regular updates every 2 hours & if it’s something truly important to your store, we’ll even build a custom solution :)

Instant Impact - see 10-20% increment in sales

Why Monk?

We have a simple goal - to help you make incremental sales. Getting traffic to your online store isn’t an easy task, getting them to transact is as difficult. So how do you make more money from the same volume of traffic?

Upsells & Cross Sells

There’s no guarantee these users will return again to transact on your store. Might as well make as much money as you can upfront and increase your ROI.

You have complete control

Create offers EXACTLY as how you want. Choose from 10+ customization triggers to get exactly what you’re looking for in an upsell/cross sell offer.

Translate your offers into your store’s native language and change colors to suit your theme and make it seamless.

Pre & post purchase offers - cart upsells & post purchase one click upsells

Full suite of upsells & cross sells across the entire customer journey. Create either pre-purchase offers that trigger on “add to cart” or “checkout” or show offers once checkout is done.

Post purchase offers are powered by the Shopify Checkout extension and require just one click for the offered product to be added to the order. We’re one of the very few apps to have access to this extension.

Compatible with discount codes

Our cart upsells allow for discount code stacking & your customers can take the upsell/cross sell offer as well as apply a code they might have on checkout.

High performing, light code app

Our js loads in the background while your main Shopify code is loading and hence does not hamper your site load times.

Preview Mode

In-built preview mode to ensure your offers are battle tested and working perfectly before they go live in front of your customers.

Mobile-first design

Designed keeping in mind that most of your customers will transact on a mobile device. Cart upsells, bundles & one click upsells all designed to give the same experience on mobile devices as on desktop.

Feature List

  1. Product page upsell cross sell
  2. Cart page upsell & cross sell
  3. Post purchase (one click) upsell powered by Shopify Checkout
  4. Pre purchase upsell bundles
  5. 24*7 support. Response times < 60 seconds.
  6. Highly customizable offers
  7. Translations available
  8. Product value based offer triggers
  9. Compatible with discount codes

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5.0 con 5 estrellas

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Words can not describe how INCREDIBLE this team is to work with. Any app we have used in the past has come with limitations; in customer service and in functionality. Our site is quite complex and we have needed a huge amount of edits in our code to get things working correctly. Every time we have a new edit, question, or concern; the Monk team has been quick to respond, eager to help, and willing to go above and beyond. It has truly been a joy and I believe my entire team would be fast to recommend their service to anyone!

MajesticWolf Traders

tried out the app on of my clients stores and it showed good sales there. Hoping to see the same here as well.

Do More Fitness

Support team extensively helped us & went the extra mile to test everything from their end as well. I suggest you work with their team and see how it goes 10/10 for us!