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Boost Sales Instantly!

Make more money from the same traffic with discounted upsell & cross sell offers. Cart upsells that show immediate impact.

Upsell & Cross sells that WORK

Product page & cart upsells & cross sells to drive sales. Customizable design - add/remove discounts & timer. Translations available.

No code. Easy. Free.

Takes 2 mins to set-up. Intuitive design that looks good on any device. Does not hamper performance of your store. Robust, fast & clean app.

Acerca de Monk Discounted + Cart Upsell

See 10-20% increase in sales instantly!

Why pre purchase upsell & cross sell?

Getting traffic to your online store isn’t an easy task, getting them to transact is as difficult. So how do you make more money from the same volume of traffic?

Product page & Cart upsell+cross sell | Discounted upsells

When your customer is adding things to cart, nudge them to buy more than just what they came for with sweet upsell offers. There’s no guarantee these users will return again to transact on your store. Might as well make as much money as you can upfront with discounts and increase your ROI.

Instant impact

Our goal at Monk is simple - to help you make more money from the same amount of traffic. Our discounted upsells are designed to do just that!

Product page & in cart upsell offers

2 types of upsell offers - Trigger on “Add to Cart” on product page or “Checkout” on Cart page. You decide what works for you.

You have complete control

Create fully customizable upsell & cross sell offers. Right from the exact products to showcase in cart upsell funnels to the colors and theme - you are in-charge, it’s your business after all.

Upsell recommendation engine

Don’t have time to customize? Leave it upto us to do the job for you!

Live testing and preview

See live demonstration of your funnel as you make changes & ensure your customers get the perfect cart upsell experience irrespective of device.

Mobile-first design

Monk’s discounted upsells are designed keeping in mind that most of your customers will transact on a mobile device. Product page & cart upsells are tested and designed to give the same experience on mobile devices as on desktop.

Timer & discounted upsells

“Oh it’s a limited time discount! I must hurry before I miss out” - this is exactly what your customer will think when they see the Timer bar. Proven results in increasing upsell urgency and cart value.

Customization available to remove timer and discounts from offers

Easy to set-up. No code upsells

Monk takes just 2 mins to set-up and go live without writing any code at all, use our upsell recommendations for maximum impact!

Hassle-free Support

Get instant support to resolve all issues. Write to us & we’ll make sure to solve it.

Feature List

  1. Product page upsell & cross sell
  2. Cart Upsell & Cross sell
  3. Timer & discounted upsells to create urgency
  4. Offer % discounts, $ discounts and more upsell & cross sells
  5. Fully customizable upsells to match store theme
  6. Desktop and mobile preview - test your cart upsell before you publish them
  7. Transparent analytics - Upsell views, conversion, Average Order Value (AOV) etc
  8. Hassle-free support

Alternative to

Sweet Upsell, Upsell Hero, Upsell Bundles, Cross Sell, Product Bundles

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5.0 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

So far so good, could be very useful once more features are added. Easy to setup, I would recommend giving this a try.


One of the best apps I’ve seen so far, quick and easy to setup and get going. Support is available live on chat and ready to resolve any issue immediately. Hoping to see AOV increase soon.


Neat app, allows me complete control control over how the upsell works and looks - support also suggested some best practices that I’ll test and see how it goes!