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  • Rapidly create emails - all from the comfort of your Shopify store
  • Showcase products, collections, and blog posts with ease
  • Make emails a regular feature in your marketing arsenal

All new MonkeyTamer V2 just launched

Tame your email marketing in minutes

With MonkeyTamer you can turn a two hour chore into a five minute task

Email marketing is a powerful tool. Everyone knows it. Just by pressing ‘send’, you can get thousands of eyes on your latest deals, blog posts, and freshest line of products, then watch the orders fly in. Easy, right?

So why doesn’t every shop owner do it? Well, because it’s not quite as simple as pressing ‘send’ after all. Between designing the layout, populating the email with product images, linking them back to your website and testing each link, the whole task can take hours. That’s valuable time taken away from your key business processes.

Mailchimp is awesome, but when it comes to Shopify, it doesn’t always play nicely. With MonkeyTamer, the entire process is made simple. Instead of that long, frustrating headache of building a sales email, you get a simple, step-by-step tool that gets the job done in a matter of minutes. Even better, it’s entirely built in Shopify so you don’t have to constantly jump back and forth.

Fully integrated with Shopify and Mailchimp

We know what you’re thinking - “that’s cool, but it’s going to be a lot of work to set up the app.” Nope. MonkeyTamer automatically pulls data from the Shopify store it’s installed on, so your products, pricing, and promotions are always on hand. Unlike the native MailChimp campaign manager, you can display blog posts and product collections. Another exclusive feature is the ability to specify which colour or size variant you would like to present - that’s more power in your hands!

Linking your MailChimp account is easy. All you need to do is type in your API key and then you’re good to go. After that, MonkeyTamer remembers everything about your lists.

In-app reporting

Instead of logging into Mailchimp to check on your reporting, you’ll see your email’s basic stats inside MonkeyTamer, including open and click-through rates. Plus, emails sent through MonkeyTamer are tagged for e-commerce tracking and reporting in Google Analytics and Mailchimp. This gives you a clearer picture of how your campaign is doing in terms of views, clicks, and purchases, with the added bonus of saving time you would usually spend combing through your data.

Is it for you?

Absolutely! If you’re like most Shopify business owners, you’re swamped. Between handling operations, production, orders, and marketing, time is hard to come by. With MonkeyTamer, you get far more from your email blasts in far less time, freeing you up to focus on that endless to-do list. Think of MonkeyTamer as your super smart, hard working, email marketing PA!

Let’s get started.

It’s simple - MonkeyTamer takes a frustrating, two hour chore and turns it into a five minute breeze, for one monthly fee of $15. With the time you’ll save on one email, it’ll pay for itself twice over. Oh, and there’s a 14 day free trial so you can get to grips with the app before you buy.

No complicated setup, no jumping between websites, and no more time wasted wrestling with your email marketing. Just beautiful, easy to build emails that’ll have your customers’ shopping carts full in no time!

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MonkeyTamer has been great for collating information from our site.The formatting panel is simple to use with integration to Mailchimp creating customer communications has never been easier. We have been very happy with this app and the results we have seen!


This app has been fantastic for us to connect to our customers. I wanted something easy to use that looks good. With the app syncing through to my sjhopify website, its so easy to choose which products/ services I want to feature in my newsletter app. Everytime I send this to my database, It results in sales that I wouldn't have got otherwise - I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to increase # of sales and anyone who wants to engage with their customers :-)

$15.00 / month

Sign up by 30th June 2018 and get MonkeyTamer at 50% off for life!

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