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15. oktober 2023

I loved this app... until I found out it was not compatible with my product options app. Upon contacting the app developer I found out that Monster Upsells is not compatible with any app that adds $ to the cart. Something to be aware of if considering this app for your store.

My PetPoncho
Cirka en måned bruger appen
11. februar 2022

Good App, But lots of bugs in the Free gifts beta, multiple gifts are getting added. They will have to fix it soon.

Genetic Nutrition
Mere end et år bruger appen
Monster Apps svarede 12. februar 2022

Update: 😊🙌 The world is rosy.
Happy to report no beta bugs are in Gift With Purchase and will work on all themes. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥰
Thanks for your patience through Beta period.
Our Ninja Devs have worked their magic on this 🥷 Gift With Purchase Upsells are ready to FLY!

Hi team. Free Gift is still in beta as not every theme is completely compatible yet. We’re on it! 😊
The team are aware and our full force ninja devs are working on fixes. 🙌🏻🥷⚡️

25. april 2023

Amazing cart, does what it says on the tin. Really useful features. Super well done.

Where this app is let down, from my experience just now, is its lack of developer environments. Meaning that, if you seek changes made by the developer, they cannot preview their changes unless they activate the feature on your live theme.

For example, I enabled the Sticky Cart, which basically didn't work at all. It didn't appear at the right time in the scroll, and when it did appear, it would appear at the top of the page, blocking our navigation menu.

I sought help from their customer service, and the developer had kept the erroneous sticky cart enabled on my live theme while trying to make the fixes.

This meant that the faulty sticky cart has blocked customers from navigating our store. The developer also wasn't able to fix the issue properly, and kept the sticky cart live without checking overnight, so there was 1 night of customers who weren't able to navigate our store once reaching the product page due to the frozen sticky cart. Had a lot of drop-offs.

I had purposefully kept the sticky cart turned off, knowing it had issues, but the developer continuously turned it back on. This specific concern may not be the fault of the developer, but more of the lack of "preview" environment of this app.

Anyways, I will probably give up on the Sticky Cart and seek another app for it. I will probably get a reply that the sticky cart feature depends on theme to theme, and every theme is built differently. I get that, it's just that the correction of this wasn't handled properly.

Overall, really happy with the Main cart, but terribly disappointed in the process of getting the sticky cart to work.

nightcity clothing
16 dage bruger appen
Monster Apps svarede 27. juni 2023

Legendddd... Ty here one of the founders. ✌️ Thanks for the kind words about the cart! 🙏🏻 Sorry to hear about the sticky-cart experience 😅.
We're absolutely slammed by installs and focused on building our most requested features.
Unfortunately, we have never been asked to add a dev environment for sticky-cart as it works perfectly for most stores out of the box.
However.... we are definitely going to do our best to make all your upsell dreams come true over time!!! This is a great idea to add to our roadmap 🥰🥰🥰