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19. April 2024

this entire app does not work
super hard to customize
my customers click add to cart and it takes them to the homepage
then the add to cart pops up
then when you try and click the terrible looking upsell
it doesnt even work
support isnt online during normal USA working hours

I heard great things about this platform but overall experience has been terrible. I get things happen with these apps but when you are not even available to respond during normal working hours? Thats insane.


Retro Revive
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8 tage mit der App
Monster Apps hat geantwortet 22. April 2024

Hi team 🥰 Our app has integrated seamlessly with 4000+ stores out of the box - However your specific theme is a rare one we have to work on manually. Looking through records - I see team responded to your message within 6 minutes. I'm sorry if you expected it to be faster. Support is sometimes working with multiple stores and gets to you as soon as possible. If you would give us a chance we'd love to help get your app up and running perfectly.

(Also.. just wanted to bring to your attention... your store may have recently been hacked. I can see a different site appear when clicking your URL. Hoping you can get it fixed soon and back selling) Ty 🙏🏻

30. November 2023

This is the worst app! It was recommended by a team that's helping me with the website, the cart was changed to this one before Black Friday, the app works for certain people but for others don't. We got complaints from clients that couldn't add items to cart and when we test some of us could, some of us couldn't and this happened in the busiest time of the year. DO NOT USE!

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9 tage mit der App
Monster Apps hat geantwortet 2. Dezember 2023

Sorry to hear this!!!! 😅 We were in 1000% help mode throughout this period to help with any theme, App incompatibility or cart issues anyone might have. Looking back i couldn't see any messages from your team.

Unfortunately it's hard to pinpoint exactly what may have happened without getting to do a deeper dive. Sometimes there can be issues with conflicting themes, carts and other apps that we can't solve without investigating further.

If you decide to download the app again please feel free to reach out and let us know what you are facing here.

25. Oktober 2023

This app totally messed up my currency. 60 USD product was in cart for 2000 USD!!! also it is slowing my website a lot!!! If there would be an option to give 0 stars that is what I would choose!!!

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Monster Apps hat geantwortet 29. Oktober 2023

Sorry to hear this. It's extremely rare for this currency issue to have happen as we use shopify best practices. It would most likely have been due to a conflict with another app or theme issue.
I couldn't see any conversations between yourself and the support team.
Happy to help get this sorted asap if you decide to download the app again. :)

Regards Ty.

15. August 2022

So stupid, the worst app. thief app. "This campaign will show up on the products you choose below. you can show it on all products or specific"
The campaign will be triggered by sitewide products, not a specified collection or product. The discount will be applied to all products, not specified collections or products.

4 monate mit der App
Monster Apps hat geantwortet 16. August 2022

As per chat desk discussion: You were using the app incorrectly. 😅 We have 1800+ stores making great upsell $$$ without a problem. The campaign chosen was a sitewide offer with trigger products.... (not built the way you wished to use it with collections) - I'm sorry if the purpose of the campaign was misunderstood.
Thanks for the feedback - we will always take it on and want to make things clearer for merchants.

To clarify: This is not a bug. It's the way the specific campaign was built.

Bearbeitet am 12. Mai 2022

This app takes 52% of speed from your website. Before installing this app our Mobile Site Speed Score was 91 and now with the Cart Upsell Monster app our Mobile Site Speed Score is 47. Do not recomend this app!!!

Scandinavian Goods
Etwa ein monat mit der App
Monster Apps hat geantwortet 12. Mai 2022

UPDATE: We are currently beta testing the lightning speed update RIGHT NOW! Reach out if you want to be in the beta tests. 💃⚡️
Hi team, We're very sorry to hear this.
Monster is light on code - however, sometimes themes react a bit slower the way it's set up. Good news is we are releasing our ⚡️⚡️ lightning update VERY SOON!
If you have any issues with speed - no worries 🙏🏻 (Reach out to the team, We will make things right) 🥰

This update will code the cart more direct into theme which will make it the fastest thing on the planet 💃⚡️.

22. August 2022

Unfortunately this app broke my website for all Safari users, which is the majority of my clients. I've been paying a lot of money in marketing while my clients are not able to do checkouts

Holee Jewelry
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11 tage mit der App
Monster Apps hat geantwortet 22. August 2022

We have 1000's of stores using Monster seamlessly on all browsers and 100's of themes. I see you never reached out to the support team for help 😢. Sorry to hear this is your experience with your store. We are always here to work with integrations. If you reinstall... please reach out to team the team.

7. April 2023

Worst support we've received from any app provider over the past five years we've been on Shopify. The app was breaking our 'Add to Cart' button so that when it was clicked, nothing would happen. It would take quite a few clicks at times to add an item to the cart, and even then our old cart would load, not the MonsterUpsell version.

I sent a screen sharing video to support regarding the issue, and they said they'd get back to me in 24-48 hours. 48 hours past, so I followed up to see what the status was.

Here's the response I received, "Our dev team and even the head dev already checked the issue and tried their best to make our app work in your store. But unfortunately, we can't support your theme and therefore we can't do anything from our end."

Disappointing for sure, but I was understanding, until I went to uninstall the app, and saw that the dev team chose to leave the app enabled on our LIVE theme when they knew it was breaking our 'Add to Cart' button.

First of all, they should have been testing the app on a backup theme that was not published/live, and second of all, they should have immediately disabled the app once they confirmed they couldn't fix the issue. That's just basic, developer 101 type of stuff.

It just shows how little they care about their customers. I'll be finding another in-cart upsell app, and I recommend you do the same.

Vereinigte Staaten
3 tage mit der App
Monster Apps hat geantwortet 7. April 2023

Ty here one of the founders... 🥲🥲 Store owners are the heart of our business and the team works hard to support as best they can... (see past reviews)
Trust me - it kills us to hear this kind of feedback. 😅

Yes totallllllyyy agree... Testing on backup themes is our normal standard operating procedure. I'll be chasing down how and why this situation played out.

As for compatibility...
Unfortunately yes... your theme clashes with the loading of our app. This is a rare situation. We had our main devs on it for 2 days straight and couldn't solve it.
Sorry - wish I had a better answer here. 🥲🥲

29. Juni 2023

there's no free plan, it makes you pay 13$ a month before you can even open the app and look what it offers

Key Saviours
Eine minute mit der App
Monster Apps hat geantwortet 29. Juni 2023

Correct - Only Shopify partners and partner stores can use the app for free.

When you enter the app you will have to accept charges of the base plan. However you will only be charged if you exceed the 10 day free trial.