Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Monster

Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Monster

提供免费套餐。 10 天免费试用。 可能收取其他费用。
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5 条评论
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5 条评论

Terrible. This app broke my whole ATC button and people are not able to checkout. This all happened after I deleted the app.

使用应用的时长: 8天
Monster Upsells 已回复 2022年9月13日

Ohh noo!!! We serve 1000's of stores and have NEVER had this happen. (I'm emailing you now) - Did you turn off any settings when using our app that you may need to turn back on?
I see your theme is Debutify.. which works perfectly for every store we've worked with.


Unfortunately this app broke my website for all Safari users, which is the majority of my clients. I've been paying a lot of money in marketing while my clients are not able to do checkouts

Holee Jewelry
使用应用的时长: 11天
Monster Upsells 已回复 2022年8月22日

We have 1000's of stores using Monster seamlessly on all browsers and 100's of themes. I see you never reached out to the support team for help 😢. Sorry to hear this is your experience with your store. We are always here to work with integrations. If you reinstall... please reach out to team the team.


So stupid, the worst app. thief app. "This campaign will show up on the products you choose below. you can show it on all products or specific"
The campaign will be triggered by sitewide products, not a specified collection or product. The discount will be applied to all products, not specified collections or products.

使用应用的时长: 4个月
Monster Upsells 已回复 2022年8月16日

As per chat desk discussion: You were using the app incorrectly. 😅 We have 1800+ stores making great upsell $$$ without a problem. The campaign chosen was a sitewide offer with trigger products.... (not built the way you wished to use it with collections) - I'm sorry if the purpose of the campaign was misunderstood.
Thanks for the feedback - we will always take it on and want to make things clearer for merchants.

To clarify: This is not a bug. It's the way the specific campaign was built.


This app takes 52% of speed from your website. Before installing this app our Mobile Site Speed Score was 91 and now with the Cart Upsell Monster app our Mobile Site Speed Score is 47. Do not recomend this app!!!

Scandinavian Goods
使用应用的时长: 大约1个月
Monster Upsells 已回复 2022年5月12日

UPDATE: We are currently beta testing the lightning speed update RIGHT NOW! Reach out if you want to be in the beta tests. 💃⚡️
Hi team, We're very sorry to hear this.
Monster is light on code - however, sometimes themes react a bit slower the way it's set up. Good news is we are releasing our ⚡️⚡️ lightning update VERY SOON!
If you have any issues with speed - no worries 🙏🏻 (Reach out to the team, We will make things right) 🥰

This update will code the cart more direct into theme which will make it the fastest thing on the planet 💃⚡️.


This app destroys my conversion rate. Due to this app customers can't reach Cart and checkout pages...

Honeybee Herb
使用应用的时长: 3天
Monster Upsells 已回复 2022年3月15日

You have misunderstood what the app does!!! 😅 😅 😅
Your theme has a cart drawer that needs to be turned off! (see your video)

We have 1000's of stores that use the app perfectly.
Please reach out to the support team if you don't know how to do this.

1000% guarantee the problem can be easily fixed and it's only related to your theme.