Montapacking Connector

Montapacking Connector

開發者:Montapacking Fulfilment B.V.

Connect your webshop with the Monta Portal


Why Montapacking?

Montapacking can take over the entire logistics of your webshop

Connecting with Monta Portal

Use this app to link your Shopify webshop to the Monta Portal

Innovative & flexible

Montapacking is the most innovative and flexible fulfilment provider in the e-commerce field.

有關 Montapacking Connector

Why Montapacking?

Montapacking can take over the logistics of your webshop. We provide storage, picking, packaging and shipping of your webshop orders from multiple locations in the Netherlands. Your orders can be followed in real time through the entire process via an online portal. We also offer extensive options in terms of carriers, shipping options, packaging materials, etc. Transparency, flexibility and customer-friendliness are our spearheads. Montapacking is the most innovative and flexible party in the field of e-fulfillment.

How does it work?

Montapacking offers this app as a service. This app provides the link between Shopify and the Monta Portal. What you pay for the e-fulfillment depends on the number of orders per day and your further wishes. Outsourcing fulfillment is possible from a minimum of 300 orders per month.

Extra information

By installing this app you create a technical link with our system. Note: you can only get started after you have deposited your stock with us. During the installation of this app you can ask us to contact you for more information.



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Additional pricing for warehousing are to be discussed with Montapacking.

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