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MoonCode Mobile Apps

MoonCode Mobile Apps

Developed by MoonCode

36 reviews
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  • Build your Mobile App branded to your Store in 10 min
  • Multiply your conversion rate by up to 5x
  • Use push notifications to instantly communicate with all your customers and promote your products

Do you know mobile commerce now accounts for 50% of all e-commerce transactions?

Meet MoonCode. We build intuitive Mobile Apps for awesome Shopify Stores and focus on providing added value to Shopify Stores.

Benefits of having a MoonCode App:

  • Increase conversion rate (stores have multiplied their conversion rate by up to 5 with their MoonCode Mobile App)

  • Increase customer engagement & loyalty (direct communication with customers via push notifications to announce sales and new products for instance)

  • Simplify the checkout with the integration of Apple Pay (faster and painless checkout)

  • Make mobile shoppers happy and thrilled about being able to have a mobile App of their favorite stores on their phones
  • Key features:

  • Custom native mobile App optimized for a simple, fast and pleasant customer experience

  • Zero coding or technical skills required (10 min setup only)

  • Real time synchronisation of the App with your Shopify Store

  • Push notifications (direct and instant communication with your customers : sales, new products, coupons, etc.)

  • Instant checkout with Apple Pay

  • Instagram feed integrated in your App

  • Search and filter features to make your customers’ life easy

  • Analytics to follow your App’s downloads

  • Orders management via your usual Shopify dashboard

  • Admin App to download on your phone and manage your Mobile App at anytime, where ever you are (check your number of downloads, app activity and send push notifications)

  • An amazing support team, happy to answer any of your questions
  • Want a sneak peak ?

  • MoonCode Preview App (to preview your Store, you need to click on “GET APP” to get your access code) : Download Preview App

  • One of our customer’s App : Download The Pommier
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  • Customize your App (theme, colors, select plan, etc.)

  • Publish your App

  • Manage & promote your App
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MoonCode Mobile Apps reviews

36 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Just will not respond whatsoever. I want the app removed from the App Store as we need to replace it with a better version but they will not remove it. Will have to contact Apple and file an Intellectual Property Violation against them...

Paid a lot of money for this, but it has just not been good enough...


Review update:

Since writing the review below Mooncode have worked with me to arrive at an agreeable solution. While our app is still to be deleted from their Developer account, they have allowed us to reinstall the app and disconnect our collections. This temporary solution at least flags to our existing app users that the app version they have no longer works.

So thanks Mooncode for coming up with this solution although we prefer to have our store completely removed from their account. And I wish it didn't take such drastic measures to finally get action for our issue.

On a positive side, while we were users of the app, Mooncode were easy to deal with and responsive to requests. The app did what we expected, and we were very happy as customers.


Wish I could leave 0 stars. Seems I am not alone in being subjected to appalling post-uninstall service from Mooncode. Any notion I had of perhaps returning to Mooncode in the future should things not work out with our current Mobile App providers have completely evaporated.

While they have removed their app from iTunes, their app is still live, still feeding into our store API, and any users who had previously downloaded Mooncode's pathetic version of a mobile app are still unaware a new, better, store-linked app is available.

I can see from other reviews, we are not the only Shopify store owners to suffer at the hands of Mooncode's unprofessional actions.

It is costing us business, and stalling our marketing program. And, it has been over 3 months that we have been aggressively insisting they decommission the app.

Only when we have asked Shopify to step in have we had any progress. But in the end, what we got was empty promises from Amoury and his team.

My earnest advice is to avoid Mooncode and choose one of the other mobile app providers. The one we have switched over to is 100% 5 stars!


Judging from the other positive reviews, this company must just hate me or not want to lose a customer. I have been trying to get my app transferred / deleted for the past month now and the only time I get a response is when I get Shopify involved. Still trying to get this resolved and have pretty much given up at this point. When the app wasn't crashing it my customers loved it so I guess that is a plus.


These guys absolutely rock! They absolutely understand the e-commerce business!
MoonCode is the only App that is not for babies but for people who know what they are talking about. Their consultant team is extremely serious and always here to help, their business analysis are always relevant, and backed by numbers!
There has been few technical issues, and they were always resolved immediately and professionally by the team.
I've felt guided the whole time and completely in trust. On our store the results on conversion have been incredible and my customers are just delighted by the experience with the App.
Great serious product and amazing support. 12/10 Would recommend!
Special kudos to Amaury and Charles.


3 Months later - Still have not released the VapeL1FE name from ios, so basically I cannot ever use the name for the app since they still own it

Well I had deleted all my previous reviews because I was going to give them a chance after I had a bad situation with them. Now granted, lets keep in mind that we are all businesses doing business. Never mix business and pleasure and they seem to have done this well. Lets look at their response to my 8 emails asking about me coming back to them; lets dissect this.

"Sorry for this late message, we talked a lot about your App this week end with the team."
--So we can agree it took way to long to respond which leads me into the next point im going to make.

“Actually, we were amazed by how badly you treated us and our service the last time you signed up at MoonCode: asking for many features that we could not provide”
—isnt that the point of a customer seeing what a business could do for someone else? Isnt this to improve your company and your app? Sorry; last time I check this was a GOOD thing not a bad thing.

sending tons of emails asking for more express answers every time.
—which was brought up before with your first line. A week for a response. Nice.

It all ended up by you posting a bad review of our service even if we proposed to reimburse you. We felt embarrassed, especially because it is the only time such a thing happened (even until now).
—in the USA this is what we would call a bribe. I am very rigorous to companies in shopify, in the world we live in and that I go to for service. I leave bad reviews as I do good. Ive proved this with links to other apps. But you expecting me to remove it for a reimbursement? Really? I even TOLD YOU on the phone and in an email I dont want a reimbursement and told you to keep it; did you guys forget that? I leave bad reviews just the same I would if it was a good experience. This is after al the place to do it right? Sorry I do not lie to people, our reviews online for our company is good and BAD and its fine. It balances. Balance doesnt seem like what you guys are going for with that response.

We truly care about our clients and really try to provide the best service. The very large majority of our clients thank us for our efforts and the quality of our Apps.
—Nope WRONG. I wouldn’t have got down this far in the email if that was the case.

We also saw other reviews that you posted on the App Store, it seems that we are not the only service that you treated badly.
—Again, WRONG. Product Review, Product Review Add Ons, Recently (who I dont even use anymore), Bulk Discounts, Zapier, SEO Manager, Fraud Filter, Signifyd, FraudLabs, Wishlist + Share, Gleam Compeitions, Shippo Live Search, Loyalty Rewards by Sweettooth (this is one of the exceptions), Daily Deal (AMAZING FAST UNBIASED responses within 24 hours), Appcard, Follow Up Email, Alt Text, W3 Accessories (I had to hard code alot of this as the support for customizations is near to impossible to get), Quick Announcement and Countdown Timer, Product REVIEWS Addon (Now this guy, Tommy; MY GOD; this guy is THE only person I have ever spoke to in person and you name a request, THANKS Jai and sure enough within a week, BOOM ITS IN! What?????!! Yup. Fast to fix and add things on the drop of a dime, very obvious things. Guess what now his app shines more than any other competitor app because of all the robust features. Im done. Amazing.), Aimtell (good company but very off and on) still positive reviews). So I ask again where did you see all these “reviews you saw of negative only”?????? Where? Its probably for a junk app that support is weak or its a copy of something else. Or its actually JUNK. I dont leave negative reviews to make a company look bad, I do because they are bad. Its called being honest, seems like this is a value you negate to keep in mind. I am not the guy that can be paid off to lie to people. I have a vast subscriber group I can gladly link to you on YOUTUBE which is argument ably the hardest to gain subscribers that subscribe to me for the mere fact of my honesty.

I personally have a lot of respect for you and your business that you run more than well.
—Incorrect, AGAIN. Respect would be throwing your bad experience away and taking the business and discussing it and OOOOOOOO responding to my first 4 emails.

If I remember well, you have a pretty amazing revenue, and employ many people.
—what does this have to do with us doing business? Nothing.

But we still think that it is not in the interest of neither VapeL1Fe nor MoonCode to collaborate for the moment.
—I am glad I dont rely on your thoughts of whats good for VapeL1FE to be successful. I would be out of business tomorrow.

You requested a lot of features that were currently not on our roadmap,
—Very basic things that other apps have that are 80x cheaper than yours. Not a bad thing, again this is a good thing.

so I think you might need for your store a totally custom App developed by a web agency.
—answered above, let me as a company make MY company decisions not you. I dont say its in Mooncoodes interest to pick up a book and read although I think that may be proper for this situation. Proper etiquette might be the thing were looking for here. Yeah thats a good book.

And as said before, your plan at MoonCode has been deactivated a few days ago, so you won’t be charged.
—no mater people will see this response

Ps: you know it just like I do, behind every business, there’s a tremendous effort put every single day by real people. So even if you won’t probably hear that, please have the same respect for MoonCode that we have for VapeL1Fe, and don’t post a bad review again. But it’s your decision.
—O how I have waited for this part of the whole dissection to come forth. Respect is what you get when you give it. You sir have not given any so WHY SHOULD i give it to you? Also again with the bad review response….really? Thats disrespect to leave a bad review? Freedom of….oooo well just say 1st Amendment. I dont think you are from the USA so maybe you dont know it to well. I can speak my mind as well as you can, which is why you wrote this lovely email to me. I almost think you would have been better off ignoring me. Its like throwing a rock at a hornets nest. Yeah, lemme know how that goes for you. You prove my point in your last STATEMENT! then anywhere else in the email honestly. You’re ********** right its my decision. Arguably the most sense youve made in the whole email is the last 4 words. MY decision.

So all in all to all customers or prospects I leave you with this lovely email I got from the CO-founder. I can tell you you can look up my company online on all social media sites, our reviews weve left for other companies and even check out our google reviews. Alot of them and some negative, I dont push people out of the door because I got sand in my pants. I man up….I am a grown up not a 4 year old child. I dont suggest you do any business with these guys, sad part is there isnt much compeition for the mobile app game. Hopefully that changes soon, I would suggest other companies but if you think MOONCODE’s response was bad at least I got one.


Post-Script: Maybe next time rethink an email before you let your emotions get involved with a business matter. Truly taken to heart….I bid farewell


Great support team! Super patient and knowledgable to all my questions.


The best support team that i've ever dealt with.


Great customer service! Very helpful team


works! and they have great support


Very nice app and team always supportive.

i will not change the developers at all

Waiting for Android version :)

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