Moonship: Social Referrals

Moonship: Social Referrals


Referrals, Social Proof, Conversion Increase, Word of Mouth

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Buy with friends for discounts

Grow sales & word of mouth referrals by allowing users to buy with friends and other site visitors for a discount.

Sharing is Caring

Give loyal customers limited time gifting discounts after purchasing - this leads to 200% referral rates over a financial incentive.

One Click Install

Seriously, it's that easy. Start using social ecommerce in your marketing with coupons, referrals & discounts, and reduce your CAC/CPC!

有關 Moonship: Social Referrals

About Moonship - Social Ecommerce

Spending a lot on ads with little return? Worried about what the new iOS privacy rules are going to do to your ad budget? Accelerate your growth and sales through word of mouth without spending a dime on advertising.

What is Moonship?

Moonship is an app built by ex-Facebook and ex-Google engineers that helps you acquire more customers through word of mouth referrals and increases conversion rates. Instead of spending on ads, take that money and give it directly as discounts to your existing, loyal customers who love your products. In return, those loyal customers refer their friends.

  1. Customers on your site will have the option to buy your products regularly, or buy your products with friends. If they buy with friends, they’ll be given a link to send to friends & family. If enough people also buy the same product with them within 24 hours, they’ll all get the product at a discount that you set. There is no limit to how many people can join the same buy with friends order - the customer can refer friends who also refer friends, all of whom will do so if they know someone else who would want the product at a discount!

Unlike other discount deal products, the intention is not to sell the product at a loss. You should set the discount to the point where you are still profitable on a per product basis, just expect to sell a lot of them!

  1. Expiring group orders that are incomplete will be shown to new customers on your site. This dramatically increases the conversion rate of those visitors, and the original creator of the group deal still gets their deal and is happy with the result.

We've found that people who take advantage of these expiring group orders are 300-900% more likely to share with friends, leading this to be a huge secret that no other apps understand!

  1. After customers check out, they will receive a limited time gift that they can share with friends. Being a data-driven team, we tested different versions of this model over hundreds of thousands of data points. You'll likely be surprised when we tell you that giving zero financial incentive actually doubled referral completion rates!

Why should you try Moonship?

This model of buying with friends has helped other companies exponentially increase the number of sales and new customers coming in to the tune of millions in additional revenue. Since the referrals are coming from trusted sources, the new customers retain and shop more over time than strangers coming through ads.

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5% commission on Moonship orders

  • Viral Sharing Tab
  • Social Proof Buys
  • Post Purchase Referrals
  • Fraud Detection + Prevention
  • Data Dashboard
  • Customizable Branding
  • 24/7 Support

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Moonship is getting us some amazing results. It's helping drive a much higher rate of new customers to our store through social referrals, with a strong conversion rate. Their team has also been very responsive in helping us fine-tune the app's rules so it better serves our needs. I suggest you get in on the ground floor for this new app - unless you're one of our competitors!


We have loved our experience with Moonship. We are exploring shutting down our existing post-purchase referral app given the sales lift we are seeing with Moonship. Moonship enables our customers to engage in active social word-of-mouth when shopping vs. classic email post-purchase referral programs. Plus, the team moves fast, listens and acts on customer feedback, and is quick to respond to questions.


Moonship works!! We tried a number of different discount and referral strategies this year and have turned them all off because Moonship really outperformed all competitors. The team is very responsive to questions and got us set up and running really quickly. It was fun to be invited into the Beta program for new features as Moonship continues to evolve. Its a really simple integration that took zero effort on our end.