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Mortar Order Map

Mortar Order Map

Developed by Mortar

8 reviews
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  • Put your sales history on a map. See where your products are selling.
  • Spend less time searching for data hidden inside spreadsheets. Visual data is easier to understand.
  • Learn about your customers. Use this information to guide your marketing, target your discounts and attract new customers.

Completely Free, No Limits

It's your data. No restrictions. Mortar Order Map displays an unlimited number of orders, for any range of dates.

Paid features include Product, Country and Discount filters. Save & Load reports. Geofence tool - filter by custom geographic area. Marker View. Export CSV to email.

Find New Opportunities, Generate More Sales

Visual Data is faster and easier to understand than text

How many orders went to which cities/states/countries? What areas are under served? Do you have seasonal customers? Are regional/national events affecting your business? Where are you popular? Where can you be popular?

Filter data based on product name, discounts, currencies, date, and country. Use the geofence tool to view orders within a defined geographic area. Get your orders emailed to your store email address as a CSV file. Save & Load your reports to save time.

Your sales data is telling a story. Spare yourself hours of digging for clues inside spreadsheets. These questions are quickly answered with Mortar Maps. Focus on making informed strategic decisions that grow your business.

Connect with your customers.

Target your social marketing, discounts and advertising. See how far and wide your products sell. Generate trust with new customers. Filter orders by date range and currency. Display orders as summary clusters or as a heat map for anywhere in the world.


Responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop with Bootstrap 3.

We've been making private applications and working with entrepreneurs for over ten years. We want to attract users and earn their business. It's about giving them the tools they want to use to grow their business and growing alongside them.

If you need a feature or find a flaw reach out. We'll do our best to make it better for you.

Shopify Point of Sale Users
At this time Shopify does not geocode sales done in store. Sale data lacks a lat/lng coordinate. For now, these sales will not display. We're looking into a custom solution for the future.

Mortar Order Map reviews

8 reviews
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Would be fantastic if it didnt crash all the time. We have a few thousand orders and that is simply not capable of handling it. If it worked it would be a great tool.


Seems like a good app but I wasn't able to expand the timeframe to greater than 30 days without it crashing / freezing... even after waiting to allow for processing, it wouldn't update for me.


So easy to use. Great feature for being free!


Very cool app that simplifies visualizing of geographic order data. It helps identify areas with low sales, but high marketing opportunities. We only used the free version, but the features of the paid version look interesting for more detailed analysis.


Sweet! Thank you! This was what I was looking for to visually compare how our store has grown for each year.


What can I say ... this is exactly what I was looking for. It allow us to relate visually our investment in publicity against sales with one quick glance. I just loved it!


Awesome visual way to present order data!


Very nice app, but it shows only current open orders. I would very much like if it is possible to see all orders for particular time period.

SOLVED, now you can narrow down what exactly you would like to see on the map - order status and timeframe. Thanks


Free - $5

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