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Mothership Retailer

Mothership Retailer

Developed by Valence Labs

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  • Leverage the power of Shopify's 500,000+ stores with Mothership. Connect and sell products from any store in a private drop shipping network
  • Automate relationships with network partners for growth. Send files and make updates once- Mothership makes sure everyone stays in the loop
  • Designed for simplicity and ease-of-use. Mothership runs inside your Shopify dashboard so its reliable and easy for every one to use

Focus on growing your Shopify drop ship operations, not managing them

Mothership lets you focus on the things that matter in your business by automating your drop ship operations and giving you the power to drop ship inventory from any of Shopify's 500,000+ stores

What does Mothership do?

Mothership lets Shopify stores connect together to form private drop shipping networks. Stores on the network can act as suppliers or retailers: Suppliers offer their inventory to retailers and fulfill orders, and retailers sell items from suppliers through their stores.

This simple relationship lies at the heart of Mothership, and coupled with a suite of automation functions gives you the unparalleled reach and efficiency to grow your drop ship channel sales- all in a cheap to deploy and simple to use app. Pretty cool, huh?

How can my business use Mothership?

Suppliers -> Mothership -> Retailers -> Customers

Suppliers: Sell your inventory throughout your private drop shipping network. Connect to retailers through Mothership and publish catalogs of products they can add to their stores. Any updates you make to your inventory, like changing an item description or adding a new image, are applied by Mothership throughout your network, so every one always stays up to date and happy

Retailers: Pick which products you will add to your store from suppliers and set your markup. Regardless of which supplier a product comes from (or which retailer it is sold through), Mothership always routes it to the right supplier for fulfillment

Customers: Ahh, the lifeblood of every business. Mothership's private drop shipping networks help Shopify stores solve the crucial problem of being able to offer them what they want, where they want it. When you've got that, you've got growth! Simple, right?

Mothership helps you drive growth in your drop ship channel!

  • Streamline operations and connect to new partners: Connect to any merchant in a private drop shipping network (with their permission, of course) and add their merchandise to your store
  • Growth, not grind: Don't spend another minute managing drop ship inventory. Stay updated on inventory levels, imagery, and descriptions, all synced in real-time across your network
  • All of your drop ship orders routed to the right supplier: Every order you recieve for dropship items gets routed straight to your suppliers' Shopify order feed for fulfillment
  • Easy to set up, easy to use: Mothership runs inside your Shopify dashboard and was designed for simplicity and ease-of-use so anyone can use it with minimal training (which we provide, of course)

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Mothership Retailer reviews

8 reviews
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I installed the app but 4 days later I've not had a response


Would give no stars if I could. Installed this app with high hopes of it working for me but never even heard back from anyone. After installing, it said that I would hear back within 24 hours, waited weeks but nothing. Disappointed.


Not sure what app the other reviewers were using (my guess is they are fake). This is terrible, just a listing of stores and over complex interface.


5% transaction fee per order

For companies looking to streamline and grow their existing Shopify drop ship sales, Mothership offers a uniquely powerful suite of features to manage and build a private drop shipping network

We have flexible pricing options for every level of drop shipping activity. And because we understand the importance of customer service, we always provide the same high level of onboarding and product support for you and all your network partners- regardless of what plan your business is on

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