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Boost sales & conversion with ADD TO CART & QUICK BUY Buttons!

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Add to cart & Checkout Faster

Increase revenue, conversions & sales by displaying a Buy Me Button on top of every product pages and other pages.

Never miss Buy Me Cart Button

Always display Buy Me Cart Button on every page for your customers so they will never miss to checkout.

Quick Buy On Product Listing

Allow your customers to purchase from listing pages(Product Listing, Home page, Collection pages, Recommended widget etc...)

Acerca de Buy Me ‑ Buy Button

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What we will get?

Buy Me app has 6 important features.

Buy Me Widget - Buy Me Widget will display Buy Now button on your all product pages and it will visible when your customer scroll down or go beyond your original Add To Cart/Buy Now button in the product page. The widget is automatically matched your theme design and you will able to customize it as and when you needed. There will be one click checkout option that will enable you to redirect your customer to checkout directly as and when they press Buy Me Button.

Buy Me Cart - It will reduce your cart abandonment ratio and allow your customers to checkout faster. Buy Me Cart will visible in your store's all pages to remind your customers for checkout.

Quick Buy On Product Listing - It will allow your customers to buy directly from Product Listing pages. Eg Product Listing pages, Home page, Collection pages, Recommended products widget etc.

Social Media on Buy Me Widget - We have included Social Media product(s) shareable links(Facebook, Twitter etc) on Buy Me Widget that helps your customers to share product(s) that they want to purchase to their friends and family on social media, and it will help to boost your sales without spending single cent on Ads.

Added Items on Cart Preview - With this option, you are able to show recently added items on the cart to your customers.

Remember My Cart - Your customers who login across multiple devices will find their shopping cart waiting for them, ready to complete their order in your store


  • Buy Me Widget for faster add to cart process
  • Buy Me Cart for the faster and better checkout experience
  • Quick Buy On Product Listing for faster buy and better checkout experience in product listing pages(eg. Product Listing pages, Home page, Collection pages, Recommended products widget etc.)
  • Social Media Product Sharable links in Buy Me Widget for FREE promotions
  • Added Items on Cart Preview for better cart experience
  • Remember My Cart for your customers who login across multiple devices will find their shopping cart waiting for them, ready to complete their order in your store
  • Buy Me Widget will automatically inherit your store's design with more customization options
  • Analytics and Statistics for Social Media Sharing and Top products with Most recent clicks
  • Works with 'drawers' (ajaxify) cart designs
  • And many more...


Our app will automatically take care and display Buy Me Widget colors and style based on your store theme design. But just write to us at if you face any issue and our team will take care.

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  • Shopify Reviews,
  • Yotpo Reviews,
  • Judge.Me,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Facebook Pixel

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  • Up to 50 add to carts per month
  • Buy Me Widget
  • Social Media Sharing Option
  • Display Product Reviews Option
  • Cloudflare Caching => Faster page speed



  • Up to 250 add to carts per month
  • All Free Plan Features
  • Buy Me Cart
  • URL Based Listing
  • Email Support



  • Up to 750 add to carts per month
  • All Small Plan Features
  • Quick Buy On Product Listing Pages
  • Priority Email Support



o $4.87/mes se factura $58.38 una vez al año

  • Unlimited add to carts per month
  • All Medium Plan Features
  • Check out our pricing options page for additional features & plans

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD. Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

4.8 con 5 estrellas

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easy to use............................................................................................................


I liked the app, so helpful in get the buy button to my store. Recommended for everyone, thanks a lot.