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12 maj 2024

they make it extremely difficult to cancel or pause the recurring billing. would not recommend using this app.

Ungefär 2 år användning av appen
Bonify svarade 19 maj 2024

If a merchant is not getting any value from our app, we absolutely do not want their money and will never take any action to prevent them from leaving of their own free will. We also find that sort of practice to be abhorrent, frustrating and unacceptable.

This reviewer was simply unaware of how apps are installed and uninstalled (cancelled) on Shopify. It is entirely impossible for us to prevent a merchant from pausing or cancelling recurring billing, even if we wanted to!

Any app can be uninstalled following the Shopify user guide.

We have also added this information to our Help Center for the avoidance of any doubt.

19 februari 2020

Do not use this app. When you switch to Shopify Plus, they increase the price and charge $100/month for each of your store even if you just need a few triggers per month for the exact same services as before switching to Shopify Plus. Now, I need to find an alternative solution, so don't make the same mistake. In addition to that, they did not even bother to reply to my emails after this unacceptable price increase.

The Loveteam
9 månader användning av appen
Bonify svarade 19 februari 2020

Per our terms of service, unreasonable demands for preferential treatment are not tolerated.

7 februari 2023

The metafield automations are not as easy to use as other apps which are a LOT cheaper (tag genie for example which is $5 a month).

The customer support team take ages to get back to you and now that I want to discontinue my account with them, there is no way to do it in the app, so I have to request this from them.

I would not recommend as cheaper, better and easier to use services are out there.

4 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 25 oktober 2019

One of the worst support in shopify, those guys can take 3 days to respond and when they do its so un useful, the idea is there but the implementation isnt.

Texts dont work and nothing is actually automated.

I have no idea how it has 19 reviews....

Wow Fake??? dude we have paid 5 invoices, you just made the viewers see through your unprofessional attitude and ego! Put them both aside and maybe you will get some kind of subscriptions.

This is exactly why we left the app, it was simply because you hardly answer our questions and you are hardly ever professinal to begin with.

To those who just came across this app, the app doesnt work with texting and here is why!

Customers in North America will use a +1 area code and then the number, this app skips the area code and goes straight to the number with a + so for example it would go as +9 or +8 ignoring the +1.

They completely said they have no control over this and its a shopify thing, like are you serious?

Its super sad that your response was this review is fake instead of trying to fix this app or make it right for your customer.

Best of Luck, you will definitely need it!

3 månader användning av appen
Bonify svarade 21 oktober 2019

This review is fake and defamatory and has been reported.