MRPeasy Manufacturing ERP

MRPeasy Manufacturing ERP

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MRPeasy是一款强大而易于使用的基于云的ERP/MRP系统,全球超过1500家小型企业信赖。先进的库存、生产、供应链和订单管理功能。轻松计算交货时间和产品成本,计划和安排生产,实时查看库存等等。 在Shopify中销售您的商品,并使用MRPeasy管理生产和库存的所有方面。保持两个平台之间的数据自动同步。

MRPeasy是一款强大而易于使用的基于云的ERP/MRP系统,全球超过1500家小型企业信赖。先进的库存、生产、供应链和订单管理功能。轻松计算交货时间和产品成本,计划和安排生产,实时查看库存等等。 在Shopify中销售您的商品,并使用MRPeasy管理生产和库存的所有方面。保持两个平台之间的数据自动同步。 更多
  • 有效的库存管理 - 防止缺货并控制成本。
  • 准确的生产计划和调度,先进的路由和BOM控制。
  • 简单的客户、采购和制造订单管理。
  • 财务 - 使用标准会计模块或与Xero或QuickBooks同步。
  • 随着您的业务需求扩展,轻松扩展。


可直接在 Shopify 后台使用







Pipedrive, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Salesforce, WooCommerce, Zapier



$49 /月

或 $539/年(可节省 8%)

  • 生产计划和报告
  • 供应链管理
  • 仓库管理系统
  • 客户关系管理
  • 标准会计
  • Web + iOS + Android应用
  • 等等

15 天免费试用


$69 /月

或 $759/年(可节省 8%)

  • 入门级功能 +
  • 到期日期
  • 带参数的BOM
  • 质量控制
  • 序列号
  • 分包
  • 分级定价
  • 等等

15 天免费试用


$99 /月

或 $1,089/年(可节省 8%)

  • 专业级功能 +
  • 审批系统
  • 条形码系统
  • 反向生产调度
  • 制造管理系统
  • 多个库存
  • 退货授权
  • 版本控制系统
  • 等等

15 天免费试用


$149 /月

或 $1,639/年(可节省 8%)

  • 企业级功能 +
  • API
  • 无限制的产品数量,物料清单,路线图

15 天免费试用



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We switched from Katana MRP and are very happy so far--highly recommend MRPeasy (more on the comparison later). Currently on the Enterprise plan which I believe is fairly priced, includes multiple production sites. It's very easy to add products, subs, and BOMs. Support is very good at guiding and explaining rationale on why something is set up the way it is. The app works very well and is quite responsive for our company with about 200-300 SKUs, parts, and subs.

There were a few issues we had; in one instance we had sub-assemblies at warehouse 2 and put in a manufacturing order at warehouse #1, which required transferring subs to complete. The system kind of locks you down and assumes for instance (by automatically opening sub MOs) that you need to make more subs. Support however was very helpful here in letting us know how to easily work around the issue by changing the MO expected quantities in conjunction with making a transfer order so that we did not have to delete and do all of the work for a new MO.

Compared to Katana, you get more here. at the lower pricing tiers I think. We routinely had trouble with Katana factoring in incorrect and buggy negative stock values. Moreover, we were also told many quarters ago that Katana was supposed to be adding a fixed cost field to POs which wasn't there yet before we moved to MRPe. I love that MRPe can factor in fixed costs to new stock.

We are glad that we switched into the $99/month enterprise plan with MRPe.

DIY Kit Creations
8个月 人在使用应用
MRPeasy已回复 2024年5月20日

Thank you for your detailed review and for choosing MRPeasy! We're thrilled to hear that you're finding value in our Enterprise plan and appreciate our support team's assistance. It's great to know our system is effectively managing your production needs and improving upon your previous experiences with other systems.

We understand there were some challenges with sub-assembly transfers, and we're glad our support team could help streamline the process for you. We appreciate your feedback and are here to help with any future needs. Thank you for your trust and recommendation!


I used to work corporate and used all the fancy and expensive ERP systems out there. When I started my own business I did a ton of research and found MRPeasy. They rock. Great support, relatively easy to learn and use. I can create part numbers, PO's, BOMs, and keep track of all my costs. Its great.

Pacific Adventure Works
7个月 人在使用应用
MRPeasy已回复 2024年4月11日

Thanks for the great review! We're glad MRPeasy meets your needs and that our support has been helpful. Your success is our priority, and we're here whenever you need us. Cheers to your business's success!


Great ERP system, very clear and intuitive to use.

9个月 人在使用应用

This is a great MRP system for small or medium sized businesses that need to keep track of inventory and Production records.

It allows for good customizations, but it is still has some room to grow. The usability and learning curve is lengthy as there is a ton of details on how everything works together that needs to be learned. Even after 6 months I have not been able to use all of the options available and although they have great online resources for learning, a person to chat to would make things much easier.

The hardest thing I have found is that syncing updates from one Tab to the next causes grief. When you switch between tabs you need to make sure to refresh if you made any changes on another tab.

In all it is a great system for the prices point.

Zero Point Extraction, LLC
大约1年 人在使用应用

For us MRPeasy has been one of the best things we have done as a business. We manufacture our own products in house and couldn't find anything out there that really suited this. We tried Tradegecko (now Quickbooks commerce) and Unleashed and the latter especially was a total nightmare. Most inventory systems that have a production element seem to force them to be the owner of all data and this just doesn't work for Shopify stores - it creates so many headaches. MRPeasy is different and integrates with Shopify in a much more sensible way and gives you far more options as to how you set those sorts of rules. I would recommend this software to any store and most especially if you are a maker - seller - it's been an absolute life saver for our company! We have gained an excellent level of control of our manufacturing and as a result have made huge gains in productivity and efficiency. MRPeasy pays for itself in all honesty.

Superlove Merino UK
7个月 人在使用应用


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