Mrspeedy same day delivery

Mrspeedy same day delivery

開發者:Dostavista Global

Same-day delivery service for SMEs in Malaysia

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Same day delivery

We can deliver ASAP or at a specified time, it's up to you.

Multiple deliveries

No need to think about each delivery - we can take them all in 1 order and deliver with pleasure

Easy tracking

Receive call backs about order status or track your deliveries in our client cabinet

有關 Mrspeedy same day delivery

Mrspeedy - express delivery service in Malaysia!

Using the module you can:

  • Add a new delivery method to your store basket;
  • Receive the date and time of delivery, convenient for customers;
  • Automatically calculate the cost of delivery for each client, depending on the distance, delivery time and weight of the item;
  • Set the time for order processing - the courier will not arrive if you have not had time to collect the shipment;
  • Set a margin on our services in order to earn on express delivery option, or vice versa - a discount to attract customers with express delivery option;
  • Place orders with the transfer of revenue from the recipient: the courier will pick up the goods from the point of delivery, the recipient will give the money to the courier, and the courier will transfer them to you.





5.0 5 顆星

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