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22 februari 2024

App messed up my cart page and the developer wouldn't take responsibility, no matter the proof of screenshots I sent. He/she kept saying "well it's working on my end." Shopify told me there was nothing they could do because it was caused by the developer and something they did when I granted "collaboration access." The app worked for all of 10 seconds then immediately stopped working and caused "line id
issues with any items in my cart. I tried it on 3 devices and sent screenshots to the developer of all 3 devices with different makes having the same issue. I thought my website was trash, until the developer (who insisted it wasn't the app) told me he/she was going to sleep and to "remove the app" and see if that fixed it. Sure enough, the problem resolved itself within 2 seconds of deleting the app... What a waste of two hours trying to get this app figured out, only to delete it because it caused issues with something that it advertised to do: add a "terms and conditions" checkbox to a single product.

Amidst the Alders
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