Mulberry Product Protection

Mulberry Product Protection

od Mulberry

Offer customers accident protection and extended warranties

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Increase Sales

Generate pure-profit revenue with each protection plan your customers purchase. Great coverage with no additional operational costs

Improve Customer Experience

81% of shoppers would be more likely to make a repeat purchase or recommend a brand to a friend if they’ve had a positive claims experience

Fully Managed Program

From integration through ongoing management, work with Mulberry’s in-house partner success & ecommerce teams to optimize program performance

Podrobnosti o Mulberry Product Protection

Offer the leading product protection plans to your customers. With Mulberry you’ll take on no additional costs or operational overhead.

What is product protection?

Product protection plans, or extended warranties, give shoppers peace of mind that their products will last either by extending a manufacturer warranty for years beyond the date of purchase, or by providing accident protection in the event of drops, spills, rips, stains, & more.

Spilled wine on your couch? Dog peed on a new rug? Tablet just stopped working?

Customers who purchase Mulberry product protection can easily file a claim for these types of incidents and more through our automated online portal.

How it works:

When you install the app, our AI-driven product classification engine automatically finds warranty offers for every eligible product in your catalog.

From there, our partner success and ecommerce merchandising teams will work with you to build a program strategy and launch Mulberry on-site. Mulberry’s widgets can be customized and deployed to enable customers to purchase protection on PDPs, in cart, at checkout, and post-purchase.

No maintenance is required from the merchant. Any shopper who purchases a Mulberry protection plan will be automatically registered and supported end-to-end by Mulberry. Mulberry’s customer experience team maintains a 95% CSAT score and approves more claims than any other extended warranty platform.

The Mulberry Advantage:

  • Drive more revenue: Mulberry offers protection plans on the widest range of product categories from sofas & headphones to pillows & bikes. Along with our thorough A/B testing, Mulberry generates retailers more revenue than any other platform.
  • Best-in-class customer experience: Mulberry offers our own proprietary product protection plans with none of the “gotchas” that have hurt extended warranty buyers for years.
  • Consultative program management: Our team of partner success managers, ecommerce managers, and solutions engineers ensures that your program is successful.

How can I get started?

The Mulberry App is not self-service, but our team will work with you to ensure your installation process is simple.

  1. Install the Mulberry App
  2. Email us at
  3. The Mulberry Partner Success team will reach out to confirm your protection program and integrate Mulberry into your on-site experience
  4. Launch and start generating revenue

Selling Mulberry protection is best suited for retailers generating at least a few million dollars in annual revenue. Mulberry provides retailers coverage for appliances, electronics, furniture, rugs, jewelry, and numerous other categories. For more detail on covered products, reach out to our team at

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Bezplatná instalace

Mulberry charges a variable commission per warranty to cover risks. This can be seen in the Mulberry portal order page.

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Nejnovější recenze

Axel Glade

Amazing product! Very straightforward, easy to understand for the consumer, and easy to set up and maintain for the merchant (hint: there is no setup, they do it for you!). Definitely recommend!

Waterbox Aquariums

Mulberry has been great to work with. I think having protection plans is a great revenue booster. Sign up.


I have not worked a company that cared so much about my company before. I feel like our reps at Mulberry genuinely want our brand to succeed and their warranties an amazing compliment to our product. Keep up the good work Mulberry team!