Multi Pixels For Facebook

Multi Pixels For Facebook

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Pixel Facebook Track Conversion Ads

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Easy install and use

The simple installation and concise interface make it easy for you to use the application without additional learning

Set Multiple Pixels

You can set Main Pixels and Collection Pixels, which will optimize your Facebook pixel conversions

Standard Events

Standard events and data make Facebook ads better for machine learning

Su Multi Pixels For Facebook

What is the role of this application?

Multi Pixels For Facebook is the right assistant to help you manage the Facebook pixels of the store. It maximizes the use of your Facebook Pixels and allows you to spend the least money in exchange for the highest advertising revenue.

Notable features:

  1. One-click installation without programming, it will automatically install the pixel ID you entered into your store.
  2. You can set up Main Pixels and Collection Pixels, which helps Facebook accurately track different products in the store, which is conducive to advertising.
  3. Excellent event information. Its data format is exactly the same as the data format sent by Shopify's original Facebook Pixel.
  4. Even if the customer refreshes the page or rolls back the page on the 'Thank You' page, the Purchase event will only be sent once.
  5. Provide two application interfaces, click the application in the application list in the background of the store or visit our website to enter the application interface.
  6. Its functions will be upgraded in the future, but it will not increase your cost.

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4.2 stelle su 5

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Instalé la aplicación y dejó de funcionar las otras aplicaciones con los descuentos de los carros de compra. La desintalé y ahora funcionan los descuentos sin problemas de las otras aplicaciones.

Wish Marts

This app works great, it helps me to create my pixel audience according to my collections. It's simple and easy to use.


Very easy to install, setup and start customizing. Overall, this app is amazing!!Incredibly easy to use, and great customer service. They are always there for me, and super helpful!!