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18 maj 2023

Incredibly annoying, i made the mistake of downloading this app. Before i had a chance to look into it the spam started up full force. 6 messages, emails texts, business spam all began!! I would NOT recommend to anyone who is busy working and doesnt want to be bombarded with spam!

West Coast Wolf
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Casa: Google Feed & Subscription svarade 25 maj 2023

We do our best to ensure every customer gets properly onboarded and has their Google feed uploaded error-free.

We NEVER message again once the person has told us not to disturb them. It's strictly against the policy of our company.

If you got disturbed, I sincerely apologize on behalf of my team.
I wish you luck!!

26 februari 2023

Have 10 products, should be included in free version... Its not. Misleading and therefore not worth, wouldnt trust the paid version

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