Multi‑Label Barcodes

Multi‑Label Barcodes

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June 30, 2017



Print customized labels for your products and orders. Improve inventory management and marketing.

With Multi-Label Barcodes, you can create customized labels that beautifully showcase product details to your customers, as well as manage your inventory with ease and efficiency. To match your brand and suit specific needs, labels can display many product fields, and Liquid code gives you control over how the information is formatted. Additionally, you can print address and product labels from your orders, containing data that helps with fulfillment, such as quantity and order notes.

  • Works with Dymo, Zebra, Brother, Rollo, TSC, GoDEX, inkjet, laser, and more.
  • Customize templates with different fonts, Liquid code, Metafields, logo, etc.
  • Supports the most common types of barcodes and scanners.
  • Assign sequential barcodes and SKUs to your products in a few clicks.
  • Generate QR codes that link to the product page, order page, and more.


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14. Oktober 2022

I can't Change the Currency to match to the store currency !, so all price shown as your store price but in $ currency!

Alwan - Mobile Accessories
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 8 minuten
Cashew Tree Software Inc. hat geantwortet 14. Oktober 2022

Hi there! It is possible to change the currency, in the label customization area.

It applies the store currency by default, when a new template is created.

We can also customize how the price is formatted, like the thousand separator, decimals and more. Please contact our support, and we will assist with that.

25. September 2022

I used the app . i love it and best customer service . i wish it can print on mobile printer and i wish it has mobile app .

Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 3 jahre
Cashew Tree Software Inc. hat geantwortet 25. September 2022

Hello there, thanks for the review!

You should be able to use mobile printers (for iOS and Android), as long they can print PDF files, and support selecting the paper size. Some thermal printers do not have the mobile driver (i.e. AirPrint) that allows that.

A mobile app is in our Wishlist! We are always working on improvements and new features, to make the app as complete and helpful as possible.

12. September 2022

Not cheap but worth it.
PRO: Best barcode printer app ever.
CON: if you want to create 1 barcode or partial product barcodes, you can't. its all or nothing and the support wont fix it. That is why they lost me.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa ein monat
Cashew Tree Software Inc. hat geantwortet 12. September 2022

Thanks for the feedback!

The App works with all barcodes assigned in Shopify and other apps too. So, merchants can always choose to create barcodes using any method they prefer.

Our "Barcode Assignment" feature was designed to help "fill in the blanks". It is opt-in, as we understand not everyone needs it. It always preserves codes that the merchant has created before.

For this reason, it does not require the user to spend time selecting products. You can simply leave your new items without a barcode, and the app will find those, when you eventually click the "Assign" button.

We wanted to keep things as simple as possible, since most of our customers use barcodes on all products anyway. Usually, it's a combination of manually assigned codes, and app assigned ones.

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June 30, 2017



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