Multi Shipping Rates

Multi Shipping Rates

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Easy custom shipping rules | eCommerce essentials

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Weight/Price based rates

Easy inline weight/price range editor ensures effortless shipping rate management. Our app easily converts the weight units for you!

Free Shipping

Enable Free Shipping option for orders over X cart total. And yes, discounts are also taken into account! No surprises and no promo codes

Currency based rates

Create currency-specific shipping rates and make your store ready for selling worldwide! Shopify goes global. Why won't you?

Multi Shipping Rates 정보

Multi Shipping Rates require Shopify's Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) enabled. This feature is enabled on Advanced plans or above, any Shopify plan paid annually, or can also be enabled by Shopify support for any merchant for an additional $20.

We offer an extended trial period (30 days vs standard 7) for those who had to enable CCS at extra cost!

Multi Shipping Rates is a part of ICG eCommerce Essentials microservices that helps merchants quickly create custom shipping rates:

  • Multiple shipping options per country
  • Currency-based shipping rates
  • Weight based shipping rates
  • Easy inline configuration of the rates based on the cart total weight
  • Free shipping for orders over specified cart total (no coupon or discount configuration required)

Use case example

Consider you need to create a shipping rate service with the following rules:

  • Offer shipping in France, Germany, Spain, and Italy
  • Charge 5 EUR for orders under 5kg, 7.50 EUR for orders between 5kg and 8kg, 12.50 EUR for orders between 8kg and 16kg, and 20 EUR for orders over 16kg for Standard delivery (EMS or similar)
  • Charge 15 EUR for orders under 5kg, 40 EUR for orders between 5kg and 8kg, 50 EUR for orders between 8kg and 16kg, and 80 EUR for orders over 16kg for Express delivery (UPS or similar)
  • Offer free shipping for orders over 100 EUR
  • Offer a dedicated currency-based shipping rate for GBP orders
  • Some of your shipping rates are based on cart total rather than cart weight

This sample setup will only take 5 minutes of your time with Multi Shipping Rates app. We've included that configuration as an example when you first activate the Shipping Rate service in our app.

Should you have any feedback, bug report or improvement idea, feel free to get in touch.

Functions of this app are only available for:

  • Advanced Plan or higher
  • Annual Shopify subscription

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Finally an app that deals with all our shipping needs. We use different shipping couriers, that each have their own zone division and pricing for weight. This app managed to set up each country and it's shipping methods (usually we have more than 1 carrier per region) Easy setup, easy to use.