Multi‑Store Hreflang Tags

Multi‑Store Hreflang Tags

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Perfect hreflang tags for SEO even with messy URLs.

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Grow Your SEO

Effortlessly follow Google's best practices for multiple stores to avoid duplicate content penalties.

Increase Organic Search Sales

Correct hreflang tags lets Google serve the most relevant store in search to people, making it easy for them to purchase on the right store.

Unlimited Stores

Have different stores for various countries or languages? The Multi-Store Hreflang Tags app grows with your needs.

Multi‑Store Hreflang Tags 정보

If you have two or more Shopify stores for the same business serving different countries or languages, you may be losing traffic and sales from poor SEO.

The hreflang tag tells search engines like Google what version of the page from what store, to serve users. The tag also prevents duplicate content penalties from similar content being on multiple stores.

The Challenge With Shopify

Nearly all Shopify stores do hreflang tags with a {{ canonical_url }} value. The big SEO mistake is you must have the exact same collections, products, pages, blogs, blog tags, and articles in each store—all with the same URL handle—otherwise your tags will point to non-existent pages (404s).

If one store doesn't contain all the same products, or any URL handle for a store varies between another store, standard hreflang tags in Shopify are bad for SEO. Google will crawl non-existent pages and you will lose organic traffic.

The way to historically solve this problem is to have the exact same store setup and URLs across all stores. If you have stores in different languages, that is bad for SEO, and bad for the user experience, because your URL handles should be in the same language as the store.

Grow with Multi-Store Hreflang Tags

Your Shopify stores can now have perfect hreflang tags to increase sales from organic search.

Without the app, your customers may be taken to the wrong store when coming from Google search, which can lead to confusion in international shipping and poorer conversion rates.

By using the app, organic conversion rates may increase as visitors are served the correct store for their region and language in search results.

If you've previously used a universal language in your URLs across stores to deal with hreflang tags, you can now catapult SEO and improve the user experience with URL handles in the same language as the store.


  • Designed by 6-year Shopify SEO experts so you know your tags follow best practices. Works for all content types. Collections, products, pages, blogs, blog tags, and articles can be matched so stores have perfect hreflang tags.
  • Integrates with Shopify's native language translation used by most language apps like Langify, Translate My Store, and Weglot. Don't make the mistake of depending on their hreflang tags for multiple stores.
  • Install the app on any store with any language whose SEO you want to optimize. If you have four Shopify accounts for a business, install it on each account.
  • Automatic or manual installation of liquid. No messy code surprises. Easily roll out the app.
  • Save hours of work. Products instantly map to each other based on SKU values. Any articles, blogs, collections, and pages with the same URL handle instantly map.
  • Partner friendly. Contact us for support.

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