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8. Mai 2024

This app is going to send me to an early grave. There are so many issues and there is never a satisfactory resolution. The app does not support many of the features of my Shopify store. There is no opportunity to edit product options, even for simple edits like typos. The app does not support multiple shipping profiles from Shopify. Shipping costs are distributed in conflict with product data. Technical support is absolutely horrible. They have no clue or interest in solving the business issues their app creates. There is no avenue for escalating issues to a supervisor or Product Manager. The app is extremely rigid. There are no opportunities to correct any errors made by admin or vendors. A vendor accidentally rejected an order, and it was unrecoverable. I have spent many days going back and forth with technical support and it is like talking to robots. The user guides are useless for help configuring the system - so there are many surprises in how the app responds to discounts, returns, etc. However, they will send you an email if a vendor goes on vacation if this is important to you. If there was another option, I would gladly switch.

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Webkul Software Pvt Ltd hat geantwortet 14. Mai 2024

Hey !! Please excuse us for the unfortunate experience you're having with the app.
Our support team has shared the meeting link with you. Please check your email inbox & schedule the meeting with us so that we can assist you better. Your meeting will be scheduled with senior team member so that all your queries are answered and handled in best possible way- Team Webkul

23. Mai 2024

I have written 5 help tickets no response

The Collectivist
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Webkul Software Pvt Ltd hat geantwortet 26. Mai 2024

I apologize for any inconvenience you experienced in trying to contact our support team. Upon investigation, we discovered that while our team has responded to all your tickets, the replies may not have reached you due to an incorrect email address being used by you in ticket.

We have sent the screenshots on your other email address as well now.

To resolve this and ensure you receive the support you need, we would like to schedule a call with you. This will allow us to provide dedicated support and assist you in setting up a successful marketplace. Please use the following link to schedule a call at your convenience:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to speaking with you and assisting further - Team Webkul

10. April 2024

At The Bradery, we're constantly seeking ways to enhance our online marketplace, and Webkul's Multivendor Market Place has been a cornerstone of our evolution. This platform has streamlined our operations, offering an intuitive interface for our vendors and simplifying the management of products, orders, and finances. The support from Webkul's team stands out, always ready to assist and innovate, ensuring we stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce space.

Their solution is customizable, allowing us to tailor the shopping experience to reflect our brand's uniqueness and meet our customers' needs. Thanks to Webkul, we've seen improved efficiency, vendor satisfaction, and customer engagement, solidifying our place in the market. We're excited to continue this partnership, exploring new opportunities for growth and enhancement.

The Bradery
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23. April 2024

Great app to meet the needs of almost any multivendor marketplace. The only three problems I've had is that it's hard to find things, it lacks a taxonomy system, and it lacks ERP connectors. Every other need of mine has had a solution including the ability the add custom fields and layouts for my vendors. If you use it, you may notice some confusing language but this can be fixed in the Translate tab. I highly recommend this app for businesses approaching small/medium-size vendors.

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8. Mai 2024

Support was really great and helpfull

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8. Mai 2024

There is no better support in the world!

11 monate mit der App
16. Mai 2024

Very very good Service and fast
I love you ❤️

Sri Lanka
10 monate mit der App
2. Mai 2024

Asim has been amazing with getting our marketplace up and running. He has gone above and beyond for our team. Amazing service and knowledge!

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30. April 2024

This App is a beast and quite a learning curve for people like me who just play the guitar all day. The good news is at the $60 per month subscription level you get live chat support and the guys are on hand to guide idiots like me through any problems. There is also extensive How To sheets to easily guide you step by step.

I needed more MB upload capacity and the guys did that for me at a reasonable cost.

Buy this app and do not use the others.. Its tricky at first but you just get used to it.


Paul, Liverpool.

New Age Music Store
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2 monate mit der App
19. April 2024

Very supportive services from the team. Always there to help when i have a problem.

Fins Fervor
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