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3. Juni 2018

Too slow, lots of bugs, no custom domain-based url for seller sign up.

Vereinigtes Königreich
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29. Dezember 2019

This app is trash. It offers such a basic version of a multi-vendor marketplace but is missing vast amounts of features. An example is that my sellers can't even see their quantity of inventory in their portal. I don't want to be a seller. I want to be the manager, but with this app. you have to be a seller. Their instructions are super basic. If you do not know anything about programming. This app will give you trouble. I spend over 12 hours just trying to figure out how to show other sellers on my product page. I emailed them several times. They only emailed me back when I sent an email to hire them. There is no customer service, no plug, and play. This app is a massive waste of time. let's hope they finally email me for this 1 star

Max Level Gamer
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Etwa 22 stunden mit der App
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd hat geantwortet 3. Januar 2020

Hi, Thanks for the review.
I think there is some confusion here as the Sellers can easily manage the inventory at their end with ease.
And being the store owner, you have all the access and rights on the app and can add products on sellers behalf too.
We even provide free help in app installation, in case you have any issue in the same.
The team is trying to get in touch, request you to please respond to the support emails so we can help you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

17. März 2023

application incroyable et support rapide et efficace, je recommande. J'ai installé cette application sur mon store, et j'ai eu quelques questions. J'ai pu échanger par le chat, et les réponses ont été immédiates, suffisamment claires et efficaces.

amazing app and fast and efficient support, I recommend. I installed this application on my store, and I had some questions. I was able to discuss via chat, and the responses were immediate, sufficiently clear and effective.

Etwa eine stunde mit der App
20. April 2023

Very nice and helpful support. The app serves its purpose. However, since I place a lot of value on usability and design, I probably won't continue to use the app. 4 stars from me. By the way, the support should stop asking penetratingly for ratings. If i may submit a suggestion for improvement: change the usability of your dashboards and use an appealing design, at least for the customer area, so that people want to use your solution. Otherwise the website looks very trashy and confusing. Unfortunately, you are the only vendor marketplace app in the app store, so I have to use a CMS other than Shopify for my project. Best regards.

Etwa 23 stunden mit der App
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd hat geantwortet 20. April 2023

Thanks for giving your valuable feedback.

Regarding Review- We always welcome honest feedback from store merchants. If we feel the client is happy with the app and support, then we ask once to the client for a review and rating of the app. And if the review is requested multiple times from our end, please share the reference ticket or chat number on, and we will look into this. We never penetrate clients to give reviews for the app.

Regarding the Dashboard Design- As the app is very vast and has lots of functionalities, so we have provided a standard design for the app. But, we have provided the option of Custom Js/Css for making the changes in the seller portal. And we have also provided the codes for editing the Seller Signup/login page as the client's choice. Since this is a SAAS-based platform, it is not possible to make the design changes as per every client's requirements.

We are continuously improving the design of the app. Also, we are always open to good suggestions for improving the app. But for changing the design of the app, there are some processes that we need to follow.

If you have any further queries or clarification, then please connect us at

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & Regards

Team Webkul

Bearbeitet am 5. April 2016

Used the same module on Magento in the past and had hack around it to make it work correctly. But, I thought to give it a try since its on Shopify and everything seems to work on Shopify. Nope. This app has functionality that does not work. Importing Products from Shopify? times out
Importing Products from Shopify via CSV? Gives a confirmation that they were successfully uploaded, but then they don't appear under the seller that they were assigned to in the upload file.

I'll update my review, should they respond to my support emails.

- The importing of products from Shopify keeps timing out.
- The importing of products from Shopify via CSV has functionality present in the app, but it does not work and they could not give a timeline for when it will work.

It seems that the app was built for a Marketplace who is starting from 0. For those of us who already have a marketplace and want to switch to this app, it is not ready for a bulk migration. It sounds like it will happen soon.

Neha did respond very quickly to all my questions.

Fridom Test
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8. März 2016

User interface is pretty difficult to navigate. Installation is not simple and once it is installed, there's not a lot you can do to customize it. This needs work.

Butter On The Table
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 22 stunden mit der App
15. August 2019

I used the app for a day before it became too frustrating, The tabs didn`t work properly and I couldn`t access many parts of the dashboard. The app itself looks wonderful, but the functionality isn`t smooth, and imo needs work. I will come back and check again in 3 months, but at this juncture too pricey given the risk.

Sketch School
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Webkul Software Pvt Ltd hat geantwortet 15. August 2019

Hi, Thank you for the review. We express our most sincere concern in knowing about the issues, so that we can assist you accordingly, as there has been no such issues reported in the app and neither occurred while testing the app. So, it would be really great if you could let us know the same, as the support team is trying to be in touch.
And the App pricing starts from 10$ USD per month, and in this you get ample features, with unlimited sellers and unlimited products added via the app. And you even get free support for the app installation and after installation support too.
Please get in touch with the support team so that we can help you in every possible way.
Thanks & Regards,

Bearbeitet am 29. Mai 2023

Signed up for the free trial, but right away the system appears to be clunky and cumbersome, so I wanted to cancel the trial same day. Well, there is NO WAY TO CANCEL and you can't speak to anyone and the chatbot says it will be many hours before they can get back to me. This is poor customer experience and it's been less than 24 hours. My advice is DO NOT INSTALL OR ACCEPT THE FREE TRIAL BECAUSE IT WILL BE HARD TO CANCEL
--UPDATE- you have to uninstall the app and supposedly it will automatically cancel the free trial, yet there's absolutely no information in the app to tell you this is the way it works. I still stick to my 1 star review. I now associate this company with "frustration"

The Mystic Marketplace
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 5 stunden mit der App
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd hat geantwortet 30. Mai 2023

Hey!! Thank you for the review. It's very unfortunate that you had the less-satisfied experience with the app. However, As we can see from the history that you installed the app just for 4-5 hours though we offer 15 days time to setup the app. Also, We didn't receive any single query from your end asking for any help/support documents/any issues you faced etc. You just raised a ticket & a Chat where you simply asked " I'd like to cancel the plan and not move forward." & Our team replied you with-in a minute. Refer:

However, We're really keen to listen all the problems you faced so that we can assist you towards resolution. Let's schedule a one to one meeting & Let's clear all the confusions. Please keep an eye on your email for the meeting link which you'll receive in next few minutes from our support team! - Team Webkul.

10. September 2017

It's sooooo slooooww. I've tried different browsers, doesn't help. It took me 15 minutes and a lot of patience to upload one product. And it also slows down all the website.
This app seems to be in the app store for a couple of years, so developers could really invest this time and money they get into some improvement.

Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
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17. Mai 2017

I am unable to find the cancellation button so I am not charged... should be a bit more obvious.

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